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"Oofers" -HogoBojo literally in any situation

General Information[]

HogoBojo is the former WitchKing of Angmar. He was the third WitchKing on the server to receive the position. He ruled Angmar with a iron first as its Supreme OverLord.


HogoBojo's journey started back in the year 2017 when he first joined with his close friend KeyLime17. Upon joining the server, they both joined the Isengard faction. They heard of evils struggle, and were highly ambitious to see it succeed. Thus the pair made their way to the land of Isengard and slowly started the construction of their base, and aquisition of items. In a relatively fast amount of time, Lime aquired the necessary requirements, and ascended to the position of Saruman, and ruled over Isengard. Hogo spent many months in Isengard helping his friend as his closest advisor and second in command. and second in command.

After many successful wars, and expansion of Isengards domain, they set their sights on obtaining more power. With the backing of Lime, Hogo set off to the far away land of the Half-Trolls, where they built the capital, Hotorogost. This led to Hogo ascending to the Chieftain of the Half-Trolls. A few weeks after this occured, Sauron III (DragonMaster) decided to pronounce him a Nazgûl as he admired how much he accomplished in such a short amount of time. After a bit of time, Hogo proceeded to create the Bojo dynasty, which was a small dynasty to start but would end up become massive, prestigious, and highly influential. One day, Hope, the Ex-King of Dale came to the land of the Half-Trolls, and was quickly befriended by the Chieftain. After much discussion, he became Hogo's first adopted child, and thus he would be pronounced the Heir-Presumptive, and bestowed a Noble title, and later pronounced Governor of the Southern Region.

Now with the Half-Trolls controlled by Hogo, and Isengard controlled by KeyLime, the two decided that it was time for the two to show their foes their strength. Thus they formed the Crebain Empire, which later evolved to the Crebain Federation with Saruman II (KeyLime17) being pronounced the first Emperor. Sauron III was quite displeased at this news, as he wished for them to join his Empire, the Dark Legion. The Empire was a force to be reckoned with. Although it only consisted of two factions, its military might was quite ferocious. The Crebain Empire worked hard to ensure that it would succeed in the power struggle for land, power, and resources in Middle Earth. They would go on to fight many battles for coin, and other important resources. However, after some discussion between the two, Hogo decided to...

Then Chieftain Hogo decided that he didn't want to be part of this Federation anymore. He was granted independence and shortly after joined Dark Legion. Over time he earned trust and joined Dark Legion's council. Then along came a person named brawins, he was very loyal and is a Hobbit. He decided that Hogo was a kind person and decided to serve under him. Brawins made Saruman his Semi-King and served both of them very well. Hogo decided that brawins was very loyal and loyalty should be rewarded. So brawins was given the position of Governor. Then Saruman decided to find Hogo a wife, so he was introduced to Aelwen (akalli), and the to got married. The wedding was at a fantastic island, slightly below Half-Troll territory. They were married for a while, but then Aelwen got sick and died. Then a close friend of Hogo, Mizeno came to his territory. It was only about a week before he became a Governor & his second adopted son. Hogo kept ruling for a while, and was quite happy ruling the Half-Trolls and planned to expand into Far Harad. Sauron III (DragonMaster) decided that it was time for him to retire. His heir, WitchKing II (hyperkillertv) was going to be the next Sauron. So there was no longer a WitchKing, and Angmar had no ruler. Sauron IV (hyperkillertv) thought that HogoBojo & TheGreatDavi were the most loyal and one of them should become the WitchKing. With this news Hogo discussed this with Saruman, and they both agreed that this opportunity should not be passed up. So Hogo grinded alignment for a few days, and constructed a city in Angmar with Saruman. As Davi didn't have a city or the right amount of alignment yet, Sauron IV offered Hogo the position of the WitchKing. He thought to himself that this opportunity was too rare and most likely wouldn't happen again. Although he was happy ruling his land as the Half-Troll ruler, he thought that this was the right decision to make. He became the WitchKing of Angmar, leaving the throne of the Half-Trolls to his adopted son, Crown-Prince Hope Bojo (Simsonmp). Sadly after he left, Hope fell ill and died. Since he died while his wife was still pregnant and his child wasn't born left, Half-Trolls was left to Hogo's other adopted son, Mizeno Bojo. Now it was official, Hogo become WitchKing the Third, OverLord of Angmar. As WitchKing his influence in Dark Legion increased, and he participated in many wars. After a few months of ruling he finally started colonizing, and expanded up into Forodwaith & other areas. He decided that it was time to expand his influence even more and expanded his dynasty. He helped his friend Gornakh (Binbetter) become the ruler of Dol Guldur. Gornakh wanted to ensure that his rule would be a long one, so he decided to join the Bojo dynasty. Joining the dynasty ensured that he would have help in the case of civil wars, and help during builds. So the dynasty had three faction rulers, Gornakh of Dol Guldur, Mizeno of Half-Trolls, and WitchKing III of Angmar. By having so many faction rulers in his dynasty, and having them be loyal resulted in his political power being strong. This lasted for a long while until Balkazad (Emerald_Minestar) became King of the Half-Trolls, taking the throne from his son. Although the WitchKing was not mad since his son hasn't been seen since his coronation. The WitchKing allowed him to use his old capital to become the King of Half-Trolls. With the help of Saruman, they fixed up the capital in a few days. Although he didn't mind Balkazad becoming the ruler, he was somewhat disappointed that one of his children, Chess Bojo (chessboy100) didn't become the ruler as his son planned to. This was somewhat unfortunate since he now has one less loyal faction ruler in his dynasty, since Balkazad is loyal to Saruman. This takes us to present day where the WitchKing's' current goals are to expand his territory even more.