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Who are the heralds of Iluvatar[]

Anyone is potentially a member of this cult. The objective of the heralds is to root out any fake religion that replaces Eruism and its brances.

The head figures are de istari (besides the fallen one, Saruman).

Note: This cult is not mutually exclusive with the others branches of Eruism



Chosen between the major Figures. Head of the Council


One of the maiar sent to Middle Earth. Currently only two of them are active and ready to follow the word of Iluvatar and the Valar.

Knight of Manwe[]

The highest rank besides the Istar. You are a true follower of Eru and his will is such embodied with you that you can call yourself a follower of the closest of the Valar to Iluvatar. Your might is unmatched, your armour shines, blinding the enemies (Full mithril set upon reaching this rank)

Squire of Manwe[]

You are a follower of a Knight of Manwe. Your deeds are truly impressive, but you have still to learn. Every battle beside a Knight of Manwe is a step up to reach the will of Iluvatar

Master Smith of Aule[]

Your smithing and crafting skills are unmatched. You are truly a great artisan. Your job is to craft the weapons and armours needed to fight the infidels. (This rank grants you a forge and a special item)

Apprentice of Aule[]

Your skill is renown, but not as much as one of the first Noldorin smiths or the apprentices of Telchar.

Tulkas' chosen[]

You fight with the might of the Vala that even Morgoth feared. Your blows are so heavy that even the strongest of our enemies trembles in your presence. (Mithril weapon upon reaching this rank)


Your skill in battle is great, your will strong. Fight for Iluvatar and prove your dedication!

Hunter of Orome[]

The skill you have finding the enemies of Iluvatar is unmatched. Few can reach your steps and match your sight. (Grants one of the best bow of your choice and a maxed scout armour)

Tracker of Orome[]

As a real tracker would follow his hunter, you follow the orders of a Hunter of Orome. You hunt in packs to kill your enemies with the finest hunting techniques!

Blessed by Yavanna[]

Your task is to provide food to the Heralds, and the Vala Yavanna guides you to the most fertile lands. (Master of the Kitchens of the order, his emblem it's a mithril hoe)

Gardner of Yavanna[]

Your love for the earth allows you to raise the finest harvest. Your actions are the natural extension of the will of the Blessed.

Messenger of Mandos[]

You precede your lord in finding the deads. Your task is to recover the lost souls of our brethren and recover their lost items, to give them back to the souls that the Vala sent back to Middle earth. (Providesa maxed scout armour and a provision of potions)

Courier of Mandos[]

You accompany the Messenger in his task, providing him with an escort. Keep your blade sharp: the enemies of Iluvatar could be near



All the true followers of Iluvatarism, no matter of the branch they follow


  • All who profess to be followers of a cult named Squidism (not recognized between the Valar or Maiar)
  • Brawnism (They say that he ascended to godhood)


  • Gandalf (Molo97): Istar
  • Radagast (Bonfire): Istar
  • Valandil (Szymon_428): Tracker of Orome
  • Anardil (Mati_429): Tracker of Orome
  • Ephraim (SargonDG): Tracker of Orome