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<Note: this faction currently does not exist. This page details a faction from the Fourth Age>

Lore of Harondor


Harondor (Sindarin, South (Har) Gondor (Gondor)) is a contested land where Gondor gradually lost control. It was conquered by Gondor during the height of their strength, most likely during the expansions of Tarannon Falastur.

Harondor was part of Gondor until the kin-strife, assaults and invasions by the Corsairs of Umbar and Haradrim. Years later, in the third age, Gondor lost control of these parts and the Haradrim are now in control of Harondor.

Fengel lost his 2 brothers during the battles while fighting for Gondor in Harondor, Folcred and Fastred. This means Gondor haven't given up on their claims to the region. During the war of the ring, however, all the land south of the river Poros were occupied by the Haradrim.

Harondor on Ancar Network

Harondor MC

Gondor in blue, Haradrim in yellow

Harondor wasn't first colonized, but that is when the Haradrim started colonizing. Luckily for Gondor, they didn't proceed the process and Gondor had all their time to colonize these lands. The biggest part of Harondor has been conquered by Gondor, ever since it became a fiefdom of Gondor.

The remaining lands which weren't claimed by the Haradrim have been colonized single handed by Aerendyl Númerión. Aerendyl is ever since the Lord of Harondor and has many future plans for his fiefdom of Gondor.