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Why build a Harbor Settlement

These can be used to build only on Coastal Provinces; they are used to Colonize in far away lands. You must have one in your faction and one in the Province you want to set up a Colony. These Harbors cannot be attacked during a land Invasion, but are used as a defensive point if someone is invading you by sea.

NOTE: Harbor Settlements are 100% Conquerable so you can lose everything you own in there!

NOTE 2: Harbor settlements aren't Village Settlements. They are both colonization settlements but they're not the same thus meaning they cannot be used to claim kingship with. (Example: Harbor + City. Instead of Village + City which is the requirement.)

This is used for oversea colonization, not land colonization.

How to make an Official Recognized Harbor Settlement

The Harbor must look good before recognising.

Rushed builds will not be accepted.

Harbor Requirements

  • 10x Houses
    • Bed
    • Door
    • Window(s)
    • Basic Furniture
      • Think about a table, small kitchen, chairs, bookcases, etc.
  • Walls
    • Minimally 6 blocks high
    • Must have an entrance gate
  • 2x specialist building (All specialist buildings need furniture applicable with their profession. E.g. Smith: Smelt Place, filled weapon racks & armour stands, smelt place, etc.)
    • Smith
    • Carpenter
    • Stonemason
    • Stables
    • Butcher
    • Tavern
  • Warehouse
    • 6 Chests
    • 3 Barrels
    • 1 Crafting Tables (of both a regular one + your factions' one)
  • Trading place
    • 6x market stalls (Each stall contains 1 chest & an opening)
    • Shop (Same requirements as a house + extra decoration with specific things it sells.)
  • Port
    • Must be on water
    • Minimum 20x20
    • If you want to colonize over sea; 1 Ship = 1 Sea Province.
  • Sailor's barracks
    • Must contain: Rooms with beds, kitchen, living room - All with basic furniture
  • Water Source
    • Fountain/Well (not necessary if near a pond/river)
  • Roads between Structures
    • Roads need to fit within the biome.
    • Straight lines of dirt won't be accepted.

After built Rules

  • You may NOT place lava, fire, quagmire or similar for protect your settlement (water is permitted).
  • You can build a moat, but it may not be deeper than 3 blocks.
  • If the Settlement was chosen as a place for the siege battle, it will be unclaimed prior to the battle.
  • The Settlement may not be damaged before the war.
  • The Settlement can be re-claimed by its owners AFTER the battle ends, unless the defenders won the war.
  • All changes made to the Settlement MUST respect the recognition requirements.
  • The Settlement must be checked before a battle.
  • The Settlement can't contain ANY BLOCK OF OBSIDIAN.