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The faction was previously run by Chieftain HogoBojo (HogoBojo), but he left the faction to become the WitchKing. So Mizeno (his adopted son) inherited the throne. But since nobody has seen him since his coronation, King Balkazad (Emerald_Minestar) took the throne from him. Half-Trolls help one another, but show no mercy to their enemies. Loyalty is very important, how can we expect to destroy our enemies if we have to worry about being betrayed. Those who are loyal, and great warriors shall be rewarded. Half-Trolls will bathe in the blood of their enemies. Those who oppose them will not be given mercy.

Latest News:[]

The Half-Trolls land is barren as of late. They have been without a ruler in decades, and little to no news comes from the region. Although many consider this a "dead" land and peoples, a powerful ruler would not only be able to dominate the Half-Trolls, but the entire surrounding regions


Server History:[]

The Half-Trolls Kingdom had no leader for eons. Until one day, HogoBojo decided that it was time to bring order to the chaos within the Half-Troll Kingdom. With the help of Saruman (KeyLime17), the great town and Capital, Hartorogost was constructed. After lots of hard work, Hogo sat upon the throne, the first Half-Troll ruler. The Half-Trolls joined Isengard and created the Crebain Federation. Although after a while, Hogo decided that he wanted independence for the Half-Trolls. The Half-Troll Kingdom was independent for quite a while. Then they joined Dark Legion with promises of expansion from Sauron III (DragonMaster). Although Sauron III ended up resigning a bit after then leaving the Half-Trolls with a new Sauron and no hope expanding. Hogo ended up abdicating, leaving the throne to Hope (Simsonmp), although Hope died before he was crowned as Chieftain. So Mizeno, Hogo's other adopted son was crowned as King. However King Mizeno's reign was short, and he went missing shortly after. Thus King Balkazad (Emerald_Minestar) a vile experiment created by the white wizard Saruman seized the throne on his orders. Together they repaired the city of Hartorogost, which had been rotting ever since the last king disappeared and now he rules over the lands of Petorogwaith, planning his next move.

Half-Trolls Lore:[]

Half-Trolls are a race, which little of them is known about, that originated from Far Harad. They appeared at the Battle of the Pelennor Fields alongside the other man-allies of Sauron. Half-Trolls are excellent warriors and great at wielding swords. They were loyal to Sauron like all of the other Haradrim.

Ranks + Rulers:[]

Government Ranks:[]

Rank Name Description User(s) With Role
Chieftain/King The Leader of the Half-Trolls, and who leads the charge during most of the battles. They also make all the decisions concerning the future of the Half-Trolls. Emerald_Minestar
Adviser/Assistant The Adviser/Assistant is the 2nd in command, and has a lot of power. They give advice to the Chieftain and is their most trusted subject. They are to be addressed with the upmost respect. Nobody
Governor Governors are appointed by the Chieftain, and control a province or provinces of Half-Troll territory. They are very important people who have significant amount of influence in the Half-Troll Kingdom. Mizeno
Noble Someone with a decent amount of influence within the Half-Troll Kingdom. Nobility is often giving to wealthy Half-Trolls who help fund wars, colonization, etc... Or they may be chosen for their loyalty to the Half-Trolls. Nobles often are put in-charge of builds. Nobody

Military Ranks:[]

Rank Name Description User(s) With Role
High General A rank given to a Half-Troll who has participated in many battles. This rank belongs to someone who deserves the upmost respect. They are in-charge of all the Generals. Nobody
General A commander of a portion of the Half-Troll army. They lead an army into battle and are in-charge of the battle strategy. Nobody
Guard/Soldier A rank given to Half-Trolls who have been in many battles. Soldiers respect authority and do whatever their commanding officer says. Nobody
Blood Guard A rank given to extremely loyal and strong Half-Trolls. Only four players total can obtain this role, but it is a high honor in the realm if obtained. Nobody
Captain of the Blood Guard A rank given to THE most loyal and powerful Half-Troll in the realms soldiers. The captain of the Blood Guard commands the other four Blood Guards to ensure the safety of there liege. Nobody

Half-Troll Rulers:[]

Title(s) Name Date of Rule About Them
Chieftain HogoBojo Unknown-Early October 2018 Chieftain Hogo is the First ruler of the Half-Troll Kingdom. He ruled for a while, and was concentrated on creating more recognized builds in his territory to expand Half-Trolls influence. He lead the Half-Trolls through a lot. He also founded the Bojo dynasty, the dynasty that controlled the country for a long while, until the coronation of King Balkazad. The dynasty also controls many other factions & still has a decent amount of influence.
King Mizeno Early October 2018-Late December 2019 This Half-Troll ruler was quite inactive so there isn't much information on them. They are the adopted son of the last faction ruler and belong to the Bojo dynasty. Mizeno was a Governor before becoming the ruler. Although he hasn't been seen since he became King.
King Balkazad(Emerald_Minestar) Late January 2019-Present King Balkazad is the third and current King of the Half-Trolls. His focus is to colonize surrounding lands, as well as building defenses in land he already owns. He is the creator of Fort Torgoroth, the wealthiest fortress in the Half-Troll realm. He also founded the Bonebreakers dynasty, which is the dynasty that currently rules the realm.


Half-Troll Builds:[]

Half-Troll Towns:[]

Town Province # Description
Hartorogost: 607 The Capital, and the first city of the Half-Troll Kingdom. Built by HogoBojo with assistance from KeyLime17.
Durf: 602 This is the biggest Half-Troll city yet. This farm has a large farm and an agricultural based farm.
Torogol: 600 Description coming soon.

Half-Troll Forts:[]

Fort Province # Description
Angbae 604 Description coming soon. (Too far away to colonize yet)
Certdoom: 763 This fort has large walls protecting it, and many hills were destroyed to make this fort. It also holds a throne room for the Half-Troll ruler. Also there are miniature town halls on either side of the big one. Although it is unknown to the public what the purpose of them is yet.
Torgoroth 422 This fort has large walls made from the broken stones and bricks of Gondorian and Umbarish port cities. The fort has it's own port to the left of it, allowing the constructions of a small naval fleet. The inside contains a small blacksmith, a Barracks, and a storehouse. It is, as of now the wealthiest military installation in the Half-Troll Kingdom.

Faction Laws:[]

Law # Description
1 Murdering fellow Half-Trolls is strictly prohibited, although there may be an exception if you have a reasonable cause. Attacking others who we have a Non-Aggression pact is strictly prohibited unless you have a valid cause like defending yourself.
2 You must show respect for your faction superiors and do as they say.
3 No joining Half-Trolls as a spy for another faction, this will most likely result in a towny ban with low possibility of an appeal.