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Gunter Kunnelsorf was the Governor of Redwater, and Earl of Eisenham, his family's traditional holdings in north-eastern Dale. He is different to his predecessor Tankrid in many ways; unlike Tankrid, who was a tribesman from Central Rhovanion, he was a nobleman from a powerful house that had ruled their section of land in Dale for generations. Whereas Tankrid was more studious and a manager of domestic affairs, Gunter Kunnelsorf's lineage had a long history of bloody and aggressive feuds against rival houses and warlords. While Tankrid led his Ironguard and infantry from the ground, Kunnelsorf led his hussars in a charge against the Easterlings at the Battle of the Raven Hills.

An aggressive and militaristic man, although nonetheless knowledgable and intelligent, Kunnelsorf seized the rank of governor the day after Tankrid had passed away. He solved the problem of succession efficiently and with his way; ordering his guards to surround the council assembled in the town hall at Ankorien Poltzen and then declaring himself governor.

Kunnelsorf was later on chosen to be Chancellor, and was infamous for his public denouncement of the Greater Rhunic Empire when it invaded Dale. Encouraging more Dalish citizens to join the Royal Army, Kunnelsorf embarked on a campaign to demonise the Wainriders and their supporters, commissioning printing houses and artists to make and distribute cartoons and propaganda. Although he oversaw the fortification of numerous Dalish forts, Kunnelsorf himself was unable to attend the Battle of Vinburg, due to him being made to remain (rather angrily) in the Royal Palace to manage affairs in the capital.

Kunnelsorf later passed away during the Andrhiw from natural courses. Sources differ when it comes to what his last words were. Some say he faced death in a resigned and calm manner; other witnesses claim that he died in a fit of rage, furious that he had failed to prevent the Third Kingdom of Dale from collapsing in the aftermath of the Bragolmor.