Ancar Network Wiki


Mercenary Clan[]

  • Leader is "Captain"
  • Mercenaries require Mercenary Fort or Outpost (not in mountains)

Depending on locations mercenaries will use these cultures

  • In the West - Dunlendings
  • In the South - Haradhrim, you can choose for yourself which kind of Haradhrim, exluding umbar troops.
  • In the East - Rhunic, only the warriors, not the golden easterlings.

Mercenaries can also ransom people if they defeat them in pvp the ransom can range between:

Faction Ruler -> 0 - 15000 Coins

Faction Member -> 0 - 8000 Coins

"Legend says if a mercenary kills a Hobbit Mayor, they get cursed and weird things will happen." - Captn Hex Sparrow

Merchant Guild[]

  • Leader is the ''Guildmaster''
  • Guilds are based in Guildhalls which have to be in colonization or IP Production Settlements.
  • Can create trade posts or make their own shops in settlements marketplace. (just wait till acult adds the plugin)
  • Guildmembers can only hire militia units.