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The Great Rhûnic Empire was an empire located in the easternmost parts of Middle-Earth. The Empire consists of 3 Kingdoms:

  1. Wainriders
  2. Orocarni Dwarves (Red Mountain Dwarves)
  3. Avari Elves

The Empire was founded by Atilla Erdereson in the year 436 Fo.A.

It was founded after the king of the Orocarni Dwarves and king Atilla of the Wainriders forged a great pact. Together the two nations grew in size, power and influence. It was 6 years later after the founding of the empire in the year 442 Fo.A. that King Atilla forged a pact with the king of the Avari Elves, King Nurwë Dagothar.

Together The three Kingdoms flourish in trade with each other and supporting each other in battle and in times of need.

Empire Structure:

The Great Rhunic Empire was a Centralised Empire with a non-elected Emperor which disallows volunteering against their own nation.