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The government type of each faction

Note: All new Factions will start as Tribal with the Organization of 1, Unless they split off when were Vassals. And all vassals will have the Government of their Overlord and will keep that government if they become Independent, Example: Haradrim (Feudal) take over Gulfings (Tribal) the Gulfings will change over to Feudalism Automatically. (May be changed if too OP)

Government List[]

Despotism | Authority: 4[]

Factions that usually are controlled by a supreme Lord

Mordor, Isengard, Angmar

  • Cannot align with Good Sided factions
  • Can be reformed through a Civil Reform
  • Other Governments can change to this but then would be counted as Evil Sided
  • Cannot Revert to Tribal unless Leader Dies and a Civil Reform/ War that destroys the Civilization
  • Vassals must Join wars
  • Good sided Factions get Casus Belli against This government: War on Evil (claim a certain Province and
  • if the faction is small enough cause it to rip into a Tribal Government)
  • Get Casus Belli: Dark Expansionism

Feudal | Authority: 3[]

Factions where Vassals are under control of a King

Gondor, Rohan, Rhudel, Southrons

  • Can Align with anyone
  • Can be Reformed through Civil Reform
  • Cannot Revert to Tribal unless a Peasant Revolt happens and the subfactions splits off
  • Cannot Declare wars without Valid Reason
  • Cannot take away Vassals land unless Vassal went against the Crown

Commune | Authority: 2[]

Faction under a united agreement of Mayors and Leaders

Shire, Eriador, Dorwinion

  • Can Revert to Tribal through Civil War
  • Other Governments can only change to this through Civil war or after Uniting Tribes
  • Vassals dont have to join wars

Elvish Kingdom | Authority: 4[]

Union of elves under a Lord

Silvian Elves, Galadhrim, Lindon, Rivendell

  • Can only be Elvish Factions
  • Cannot align with Evil factions
  • Vassals must join their lord in disputes
  • Similar to Feudal otherwise

Dwarvish Commune | Authority: 5[]

Faction where all dwarves are Equal under direct control of the King, this is due to them being created by Aule and they work better together

Blue Dwarves, Durins Folk

  • Can only be Dwarvish factions
  • Due to Historic disputes cannot align with Elves (MAY BE CHANGED IF YOU WANT)
  • No Vassals allowed, except if they are of different race then they will be a Puppet depending on Autonomy

Constitutional | Authority: 3[]

Faction that has a king but his people have a good amount of power.

Dale, Dorwinion

  • All of Vassals Influence goes straight to the Leader
  • Cannot Start Offensive Wars but can join them
  • Otherwise Similar to Feudal

Tribal | Authority: (depends on organization)[]


Faction where technically under a same rule or representatives of tribes choose a Leader, this is a very difficult government to maintain

Dunland, Tauredain, Moredain, Nomads, etc

  • Cannot become another Government until Absolute Organization
  • Leader is more of a representative and his Vassals control the land (DEPENDING ON ORGANIZATION)

Tribal Organization[]

BEWARE, THIS TYPE OF AUTHORITY IS VALID ONLY FOR TRIBAL GOVERNMENT, if you can find the standard authority here

Minimal: Auth. 0[]

Starting spot for tribal factions

  • Cost 3 influence points to increase to Small
  • Leader is more of a representative and his Vassals control the land

Small: Auth. 1[]

  • Cost 3 influence to increase to Medium
  • Can control 2 Direct Provinces
  • King can declare wars and do pacts without the permission of vassals

Medium: Auth. 2[]

  • Cost 4 influence to increase to Large Organization
  • Leader can control 4 Direct Provinces
  • Vassals must join wars but dont have to participate in battles

Large: Auth. 3[]

  • Cost 5 IP to go to Absolute
  • Leader can control up to 5 Direct Provinces
  • Vassals must participate in battles

Absolute: Auth. 3[]

  • Cost 1 IP to reform Government to Feudal, Despotism etc
  • Leader can control up to 5 direct provinces

Direct Provinces[]

They are usually the capital province and provinces attached to it, all other provinces would be under control of vassals. The faction can only get Influence Directly from their provinces not their Vassals.

If you have no vassals and you cant take the land as Direct then it will only give half of what it would give to a vassal


Human Factions Government Organization (Tribal)
Gondor Feudal ---
Rohan Feudal ---
Northern Dunedain Feudal ---
Dale Constitutional ---
Lossoth Tribal Large
Umbar Despotism ---
Corsairs Commune ---
Haradrim Feudal ---
Gulfings Tribal Medium
Moredain Tribal Small
Tauredain Tribal Large
Rhûdel Feudal ---
Wainriders Tribal Large
Dunland Tribal Medium
Elven Factions Government Organization (Tribal)
Lothlórien Elvish Kingdom ---
Rivendell Elvish Kingdom ---
High Elves Elvish Kingdom ---
Silvian Elves Elvish Kingdom ---
Avari Elves Feudal ---
Dwarvish Factions Government Organization (Tribal)
Blue Dwarves Dwarvish Commune ---
Durins Folk Dwarvish Commune ---
Varnien Feudal ---
Orcish Factions Government Organization (Tribal)
Mordor Despotism ---
Isengard Despotism ---
Angmar Despotism --
Dol Guldur Despotism ---
Gundabad Tribal Large
HalfTrolls Tribal Medium
Other Factions Government Organization (Tribal)
Dorwinion Constitutional ---
Shire Commune ---
Beornings Tribal Minimal
Woodmen Commune ---