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Gondor Lore:[]

Gondor was founded by two brothers, Isildur and Anárion, whom were exiled from Númenor. Gondor was pretty prosperous from the beginning and was very powerful due to their the ships and the army that it controlled. Gondor was weakened for a bit of time when they were attacked by Sauron, also a plague appeared which caused a decrease of the population. Once Sauron was defeated, the country was back to it's former glory.

Line of Kings and Stewards[]

Fifth Age "VA"[]

  • 1. Steward Ciryaher A.K.A Captn_Hexxy_T

26.07.20 - 27.08.20

  • 2. King Anardil III Númerión A.K.A Mati_429

19.09.20 - Present

Fourth Age "FO"[]

  • 1. King "hamidm1234"

Sometime 2015 - Early 2016

  • 2. King "Wolfen"

Early 2016 - Summer 2016

  • 3. King "Elessar" A.K.A Sirmatte_

Summer 2016- Later 2017

  • 4. Emperor "Hexnethor" A.K.A. Hexperim

Late 2017 - Beginning Of Summer 2018

15.07. 2018 - 09.09.2019

  • 5. Ruling Steward "Amandil" A.K.A. Bolg

Late June 2018 - 15.07. 2018

  • 6. Emperor "Hexnethor IV" (later known as King Ar-Atrexes) A.K.A. Hexperim

15.07.2018 - 26.10.2019

26.10.2019 - 30.04.2020

  • 8. Prince "Iorlas" A.K.A. Hexperim

30.04.2020 - Mid 2020

  • 9. King Olmendil Telcontar A.K.A. Freakyty

09.06.20 - 16.07.20

Royal Stewards[]

  • Steward Amandil A.K.A. Bolg

March 2018 - October 2018

  • Steward Eradan A.K.A. PotatoRekt41

October 2018 - February 2019

  • Steward Anardil A.K.A. Mati_429

February 2019 - 26.10.2019

26.10.2019 - 30.04.2020

  • Steward Anardil A.K.A. Mati_429

30.04.2020 - 09.06.20

Fifth Age[]

After the great eruption of Mount Doom, the world was in complete destruction and utter ruin, nearly all of the Northern Dúnedains were wiped away from these lands and King Olmendil was nowhere to be found, that is when the people whose king fled or perished saw him. A man who began his journeys in Middle-Earth as a young boy who grew up to be a strong, valiant & a disciplined man. He was one of the captains of Gondor and began the construction to restore the glorious lands Gondor once was.

He quickly gathered a lot of followers and his most loyal followers helped him construct a village & a city which is when he proclaimed himself the ruler of Gondor and has great plans with the kingdom. Together with his most entrusted people, he began the construction of rebuilding the once great kingdom of Gondor.

After death of Steward Ciryaher Anardil Númerión took the throne, and began extensive colonization, allying evil side at first for a short time but then returning to Free Folks.

Fourth Age[]

The great Kingdom of the Men of Gondor was once ruled by King hamidm1234, who abandoned his post to make Way for King Wolfen. The Kingdom of Gondor has experienced an economic Stalemate - Politics, but everything has changed with the Advent of King SirMatte (Elessar). He has restructured the Eilenach Fortress, expanded the City of Ethring (once Home of Wolfen). Elessar (SirMatte_) built the impressive City and Capital of Minas Tirith, and many other Fortresses throughout his Reign.

The kingdom of Elessar was marked by three great wars against Sauron, that ended in a settling of the status quo with the border of Mordor still on the Anduin river.

Eventually Elessar passed away, in 122 FO. The line of Isildur ended once again in the south and the rule of Hexnethor(Hexperim), from an unknown lineage, started. The reign of Hexnethor was marked by a long period of raids and skirmishes on his starting days, that saw the forces of Mordor clashing with the elves of Mirkwood, Dwarves of Moria and Men of Gondor many times. The last of those raids took place in the remote region of Andrast, where Hexnethor defeated a large host of orcs and corsairs, marking the end of the troubled times in the lands of Gondor.

With the help of his allies, he launched a strong offensive on the other side of the Anduin, which ended only after a struggle that lasted over century, with the Battle of the Willow woods, a battle that saw the forces of Gondor and Sauron annihilating themselves in a phyrric battle, that saw Mordor as a winner, but it just stopped the expansion of Gondor. The aggressive stance of Hexnethor sparked many conflicts in the region of Isengard, with the dwarves of Dunland helping the orcs, alongside the men of Dunland, that were previously an ally of Gondor, but were scared by their apparent invincibility. The reign of Hexnethor was marked by profound misunderstanding, when the dwarves and elves rallied against him to defend the glittering caves, thinking the dwarves there were attacked. This was of course wrong, since Hexnethor bought those lands generously, but that event sparked an unjust hatred towards Gondor.

After Hexnethor died the reigns passed to the steward Amandil(Bolg), that marked the end of the Kingdom of Arnor and took a part of it as Gondor's vassal, due to suspicious rumors regarding the men of Arnor plotting to take the throne of Gondor with the men of Dale. These rumors have been still yet to confirm, but there are strong indication that there was some truth behind it.

After the death of Amandil (some say that he was struck by a lightining while having dinner), Hexnethor IV took the kingship of Gondor. His reign was littered of troubles with the Northern realms and the wars against Mordor and its allies proceeded, but not with the result his ancestor had.

The first clashes between the empire of Gondor happened diplomatically, not in the field of battle, regarding the region of Enedwaith and the kingdom of Dorwinion, a vassal of the empire. The high king of the Noldor, Maglor Feanoreon, bargained Enedwaith for Dorwinion, which became one of the many realms in the Forodrim Ardhin. The diplomatic exchange was crucial, since the alliance to the FA would became a pillar of the next conquests.

The wars in Adornland are maybe one of the most bloody chapters in Gondor's history, they started when Rohan's ruler, Fengel, wanted to recapture the land lost to Isengard. The forces of Gondor, outnumbered by the armies of Gondor, recieved a significant help from the Forodrim Ardhin, that bolstered the ranks of the Gondorians, bringing the first war to a succesfull, yet costly, end.

The second war was a sound disaster, since the forces of Mordor gathered again and the Gondorians didn't recieve any help from their northern friends, that at the time were still recovering from the losses of the first one. Hexnethor was ambushed on the road with his army, while patrolling the newly extablished fortresses in the region. The losses weren't heavy, but it was a significant setback from the first war.

The third war in Adornland was a phyrric victory that saw the armies of Gondor, FA and Mordor clash in an epic struggle, that costed the life of Prince Falan, that charged with the knights of Dol Amroth to save the life of Hexnethor. Eventually Fengel, Maglor and Legolas lead the remaining men and elves to a sounding victory.

The fourth war in Adornland was a tragic defeat that saw the magic of Sauron blasting the armies of Gondor; Hexnethor was once again ambushed, but managed to rally the troops on a hill. Sadly Sauron used the orc bombs that his vassal Saurman designed to blow up the unbreakable gondorian army. Hexnethor died that day. This was the last aggressive war that gondor had in almost a century.

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In the year 451 of FO King Eogar of Rohan asked to be fully indipendent. Since the finances and manpower of the kingdom were emptied by past wars, King Olmendil then decided to join Forodrim Ardhin.

Gondor was utterly devastated in the Bragolmor, with the land stretching all the way to Pinnaith Gelin suffering rapid upheavals and ashstorms. Afterward, the Gondorians lost control of their capital at Minas Tirith and Osgiliath, along with most of the settlements in Poros, Ithilien and the more eastern fiefdoms. Relocating to the royal havens at Pelargir, the Gondorians hope to retake the lands they had lost to nature once again.



The Realm of Gondor is bordered by Rohan, which is North of Gondor, Harad to the South, and Mordor to the East.