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The Birth and early life of Golodir:

In the year 2920 of the Third age Meliandro, a young and fierce girl, gave birth to her first child. Both her and her husband Gontholir were filled with joy upon seeing the newly born boy's face. afterall they finally succeeded in getting pregnant ater trying for years.

Golodir was an extraordinary child who from a young age already started to learn the history and ways of his people.Afterall he was a descendant of the house of Haleth whos ancestors setteled In The region now known as Dunland after the fall of Haladin in the year F.A 501.Here they live together with the descendants of the druedain who stayed behind in these regions while the ancestors of the Haladin moved towards Beleriand. Since their settlement in these regions the reestablished house of Haleth has prospered from the great dense forests and fields.

He was very fascinated with architecture and truly skilled in whittling. At only 6 years old he constructed an entire castle made of wood, on doll-house scale ofcourse. Besides spending hours upon hours on making miniature castles, houses and knights he was also an avid hunter. His father would take him on hunting trips throughout the forests of Dunland every now and then to train his skills and teach him the ways of pathfinding.

Unfortunately at the age of 14 golodir had to kill his first Human being after his village got attacked, by an enemy clan. After this attack Golodirs world-view completely changed, some of his friends and family members were slaughtered during this attack, turning Golodir to sadness. He couldn't understand how fellow dunlendings could be so cruel to one another, especially when they need to stand together to fight the actual many evils in this world like the descendants of Numenor. Right then and there Golodir swore to one day unite the people of Dunland under one banner, to prosper and live together in peace.

Sadly for Golodir and his Family at the age of 19 a great plague took over his home town which took a hefty toll on it's population. Many of the hunters, farmers and other important workers died because of it's effects. And to add to the trauma his village got attacked again by the same people that attacked it 5 years earlier. This was the last straw for Golodir, he had seen so many people die unnecessarily at the hands of these brutes. That he made plans with the remaining stone-masons, wood workers and miners to build fortifications around their village. Upon seeing these works many other people from around the vast forests and fields came to the village to settle down and help in the building of these improvements. But because of all the new inhabitants the village and it's new barricaded became a little small. That's when the prefect idea hit Golodir, he would make a new fortified city not too far from the existing village. where anyone can live who wanted safety and security. And the people that wanted to stay in the village to live near their farmlands could stay but were always able to shelter within the city if another attack was ever to happen.

This city was to be named Tharglanduin and Golodir with the support of all his people became it's first ruler.

This was the start of the so called united Dunland he had always dreamed of building.