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Birth and Second Age:[]

Geamirdon of House Gaëmbridil was born in SA 200 in the land of Lindon. His parents were; Kelkalyn and Haela Gaëmbridil, he had a twin brother Gelendir. The whole family was living in peace and prosperity. Geamirdon quickly learned how to ride a horse, shoot a bow, and how to fight with a sword. He with his brother was very curious of the Arda. He loved Elven sing and mystic tales. When he became an adult he was leaving home in secret with Gelendir and they were hunting orcs in mountains. Family was living like that for years, brothers were learning more and more about Arda and they both wanted to bring one more time pride to house Gaëmbridil. In the SA 3434 the siege of  Barad-dûr begins, Kelkalyn decides to join the forces of Gil-Galad, and once again the whole house went to the war with darkness. Under the walls of  Barad-dûr things went bad. Gil-Galad ordered Kelkalyn and Haela to led the elite group of cavalry behind the enemy line in secret, and then strike from the back. Kelkalyn and Haela agreed, and they went in the night. Unfortunately, Sauron had a spy in the camp of besiegers and spy told him about the whole plan, Sauron commanded his elite group of infantry commanded by Nazgûl to ambush the enemy. Ambush was successful and all cavalry force was slain by armored Uruks, Nazgûl found Kelkalyn and chop his head off, then send it to the camp of besiegers. The body of Haela was never found. After that sad incident brothers felt into lament, and were hungry for orcs blood. When the main assault began Gelendir and Geambirdon were fighting like beasts, they killed hundreds of orcs. In the battle Geambirdon fought Sauron for a while but he was too powerful for him and almost killed him. Battle was won but no one was cheering, brothers went they separate ways.


- Geambirdon facing Sauron

Journey to the woods:[]

After the great battle Geamirdon was very sad, he left his brother and was looking for loneliness and silence. When he was young he was hearing stories about great woods and elves who live in that land. He decided to travel into that mystic land. In TA 10 Geambirdon arrived in the great forest of Mirkwood, he went east and found abandoned treehouse, he repaired everything that he needed and started to live a lonely life far from society. He was hunting, drinking water from the river and time was passing and he didn't found that what he needs. So he decided to hunt orcs, one time a month he was traveling south to the terrains of Dol Guldur where he was killing local orcs. One time in such escapade he found a couple of elves, well-armored warriors. They stopped him and received very warmly, they were talking the whole night, he was asked to join kings guard in Mirkwood but he refused. After that meeting Geambirdon decided to change his life and went south.


- Geamirdon arriving in Woodland Realm

The land of men:[]

In the night he met kings guard, one of them was telling stories of Gondorians having trouble with holding borders, their mortality, and about kings that rule those lands, Geamirdon was very interested in that and he decided to met humans. In TA 503 he stood under the walls of Minas Tirith. Then he was introduced to the king Turmabar. King liked Geamirdon and accepted his service, he titled him as captain. In the TA 550 Easterling invaded the land of Gondor. Desperated king commanded Geamirdon to hold the walls of Osgiliath. Geamirdon took with himself, 1000 soldiers. When he was holding walls Easterling had 15 000 men advantage. Geamirdon was holding Easterling for two weeks getting minor damages in men. One day he took with him the best men traveled through the river to the second side of the city, where besiegers had their camp. Geamirdon with his men destroyed all supplies of besiegers so they needed or retreat or commit full attack. Besiegers choosed the second option. In the morning whole army of Easterling attacked all bridges in the city. Geamirdon one more time used the r and took with him men behind enemy line. When besiegers attacked the gates Geamirdon showed up and they attacked enemies from both sides. Enemy was defeated and invasion was ended. Geamirdon lost 100 men when his army killed almost 15 000 of enemies. After that victory Geamirdon was named by the king a hero and general of the army. For the next years Geamirdon was leading armies of Gondor and holding borders. In the TA 1010 Geamirdon asked king Ciryndul about leaving kingdom. King agreed and Geamirdon left the land of men. He decided to travel north.


-Nomination of Geamirdon

Dwarven kingdom:[]

When Geamirdon was traveling by the khazad-dûm bunch of drunk local dwarves stopped him and asked to drink with them, Geamirdon was very tired so he agreed. They were drinking and laughing the whole night, dwarves loved his humor and general appearance. The next morning Geamirdon was introduced to the king. King liked him and asked him to stay in his realm as commander. Geamirdon accepted that offer and was drinking, laughing, and hunting goblins with dwarves most time. He loved their style, culture, and valor in a fight. They were living in happiness until the TA 1980 when dwarves woke Balrog. It was a nightmare, Balrog was slaying every Dwarf he found on his way. Geamirdon decided to stop this disaster and took with him a small group of soldiers. When Geamirdon tried to strike Balrog he punched with his great mace and Geamirdon realized that he won't defeat this monster. Dwarves needed to leave Moria and find a new home, they asked Geamirdon to come with them but he refused. He started to miss his brothers and sisters. Once again he went east.


-Geamirdon facing Balrog

Return to the Woods:[]

In the land of Dwarves Geamirdon started to miss his real folk. After dwarves escaping Moria he had decided to help his brothers and sisters. In TA 1988 Geamirdon is seen under the gates of Thranduil's halls, his old elven friend from Kings guard introduces him to the king Thranduil. Son of Oropher heard many stories about Geamirdon and asks him to join his royal guard, Geamirdon accepts that honor and becomes the commander. Most time Geamirdon was patrolling woods, once a month traveling to Dol Guldur to see if evil is not gathering there. For years he was drinking wine and living in peace in the Woodland Realm. In TA 2850 Gandalf discovered that Sauron came back to the Arda, and his forces are gathering in Dol Guldur. Thranduil orders Geamirdon to led men to the fortress and defeat if its possible armies of Sauron, Geamirdon showed up under the walls of Dol Guldur where few battles took place, each was won by Geamirdon but Sauron had too many soldiers and Geamirdon decided to retreat, on his way back he found traveling in dark 5 Nazgûls. Geamirdon reminds himself what happened under Barad-dûr, and what one of those dark lords did to his father. He charges them with his lance and defeats all of them making them flee. Then Geamirdon quickly marches with his men to the Thranduil's Halls. In the capital he tells everything king and Thranduil decides to fortify his kingdom. After years in TA 2941 Thranduil marches with his army to the Erebor, Geamirdon is leading the right flank of the army. Under Erebor Geamirdon pushes orcs and claims their war machines, destroys them; because of that assault on the city of Dale wasn't so effective. In the battle Geamirdon killed thousands of orcs and after battle king Thranduil gives him a sword called "Oathkeeper"- sword of the Númenórean generals. Geamirdon comes back to the capital and lives in peace till the War of the ring when Dol Guldur invaded lands of the Woodland Realm, few hours before invasion to the halls of Thranduil comes Elf in Noldorian armor, he asks to visit the king, in the throne room he sees his brother. The stranger Elf that came to this land is Gelendir the twin brother of Geamirdon. Both are very happy to see each but they don't have time for that and Thranduil orders them to lead cavalry force. In the Battle Under the Trees Brothers did a wonderful job, they killed most of the enemy archers so elven bows could dominate orcs. Battle is won, brothers came back to the capital and were cheering all night, next day they ask Thranduil personal leave and they head south.


- Geamirdon charging Nazgûls.

Fourth age, Golden woods:[]

When brothers left woodland Realm they started to think where will be the best land to settle down, on their way they found group of elves that was heading to the Lothlórien, Both brothers agreed and they went to the land of Lorien. They met rulers of that realm and were advising them, helping and fighting for them if it was needed. One time Gelendir and Geamirdon decided to leave Lothlórien and to create own kingdom to bring a glory of the house. They went east where they found good land with wandering elves. They gathered all left elves and started to lead them, they moved into the west, where they found a good place to settle. Gelendir to build a city, all elves gathered and with their great engineering skills started to build majestic capital. In the meantime Geamirdon took with him the best warriors and led them to the dangerous border with Dol Guldur. After reaching the cell many battles took place, Most of the battles were won by the Elves. Geamirdon defeated all orc leaders and made peace in Dol Guldur for a while. When he came back he has seen one of the greatest cities in his life. Gelendir in the time he was living in Rivendell learned a lot of great skills and of course architecture, the city was called Elenlad and it was an elegy of the kingdom. Later folk decided to choose leader they made Gelendir a king, he was ruling very wisely, and people loved him. After years throne of Lothlórien was left with no ruler, everyone agreed that Gelendir should become king of Lothlórien and it happened. Because of that East Lorien was also left without ruler, everyone agreed that Geamirdon deserves this title, And so they became the kings of Gaëmbridil dynasty.


-Geamirdon fighting under Dol Guldur

Leadership, Silvani Hegemony:[]

Long ago dynasties of Gaëmbridil and Durothil decided to create an empire called SIlvani Hegemony. That alliance was consisting of Lothlórien and East Lórien alliance was built to hold borders of both kingdoms, with such power no one could destroy those factions. When Gelendir was named the king of Lothlorien, and Geamirdon the East Lórien king alliance was consisting of them both. It was meaning that their relation was closer then anytime earlier and they were harder to defeat. They proved that in many battles everytime war was coming to Lorien they were gathering armies and marching forward to enemy. There was no army that stopped them, they could fight larger forces with no problem, Geamirdon had army mostly consisting in cavalry so he could destroy all formations and Gelendir had army mostly consisting in archers so he could overwhelm enemy by the arrow rain. In the FA 230 grand army of Dol Guldur led by one of the Nazgûls invaded lands of Lorien, Gelendir send information to the Geamirdon that he needs his support, under the walls of Caras Galadhon the battle begun, Orcs had advantage of men but Elves knew their terrain and were better equipped. While Gelendir was holding Caras Galahon, Geamirdon took with him great cavalry force and went to backs of enemy. He send information to the Gelendir to push Orcs, Gelendir send his soldiers under the walls and they pushed orcs, in that time battle became very fierce. And then Geamirdon showed up, they attacked orcs from both sides and they have slain almost all of them. Geamirdon managed to kill Nazgûl, from that time Orcs were afraid to invade their terrains.



- Geamirdon showing up under Caras Galadhon