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This is the section of rules that regards gameplay. Not knowing a rule can still lead to the punishment, without any warning.

All the punishments listed can vary from a warning, to an economic sanction or a ban

2.1 Cheats and exploits

  1. Do not use hacks on the server and do not make any changes that could benefit you in the gameplay. The only Mods allowed are those that modify the graphic appearance of the game like Optifine and Shaders.
  2. Do not exploit server bugs to get rich because you will only cause unbalances in the gameplay of all the players and you will be punished.
  3. Do not scam anyone during businesses.
  4. Jumping walls of cities/forts with the aid of Khamul's Fire or bombs is forbidden
  5. It's not allowed to create and maintain Waypoints inside claimed Players‘ Bases, even in unrecognized structures.

2.2 Concerning sanctions

  1. If you have been banned on an account do not register a new one because it will only cause the ban of both.
  2. In case you have purchased Minecraft Premium and you are permanently banned, you can make requests to reset the account and the related ban after 3 weeks (or 3 months if the ban was for cheating).
  3. If the player is found guilty, he can explain the situation, however, lying to staff will make the punishment worse.

2.3 General Gameplay

  1. The fly command is only allowed in order to build a structure for the faction (fort/lore structure/city) inside the nation's borders. It's forbidden to fly over territories of a faction other than your own which isn't part of your nation/empire. Floating AFK anywhere it's not allowed.
  2. Any kind of tp-kill is forbidden. Definition of tp-kill: dying to the hands of a player after he tped to you/you tped to him, or because of a teleportation where he was involved.

2.3 Landscape preservation

  1. a) It's not allowed to grief the Landscape and all emulative acts are prohibited (all actions that are intended to harm others land, like grief near a city).

b) If the griefed structure is a recognized settlement or lore build, no matter if unclaimed, here the punishments:

  1. It's forbidden to build pillars, they are 1x1 pillars of Blocks, stacked on top of one another, stretching directly upward. If it's the first time and/or the player will remove, or has removed his pillar, he will not be punished.

2.4 Regarding Wars and Raids

Raid Rules

War Rules

2.5 Artifacts and bounds

  1. Artifact Rules
  2. Old bounds must lose their flame modifier (which can't be obtained again), otherwise they will be deleted. Crate items can retain their vanilla enchantment if you can prove that they had one. This will be done by Staff members with access to creative, by paying 2000 coins for each enchantment.


Settlement Rules

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