Ancar Network Wiki


Ancar's different to many other LOTR modded Minecraft servers out there, so it's no surprise that new players would have questions about how things run. Below is a list of some of the most commonly asked questions, from new players and server veterans alike.


One of the first things a new player will notice will be an inability to do anything on the server until you "register with your password". To do so you have to do the following command (which is displayed for you):

/register (password) (repeat password)

The password can be anything you want, so long as you remember it. The password does not have to be your Minecraft account's password. To log in do:

/login (password).

Because Ancar runs on a Cracked client, it is possible to get into anybody on the server's account so long as you know their username. The login and register is there to make sure they can't do anything to your game while on the server. Be aware that they are able to access your map and faction relations in that short window of time however.


There has been some confusion over what counts as land grief and what counts as base grief, and what is illegal. Griefing a claimed base is illegal; so if you grief an unclaimed base, it's not illegal. For lore builds and recognised builds, it is however illegal regardless to grief it. This means damage to the structure itself, and doesn't include grief further away from the structure. 

Actions that count as land grief are ones that make the landscape dangerous to other players. This means covering them with lava, quagmire, thorns and destroying large areas of land. The latter applies mainly to areas near roads and waypoints, as this rule is meant to keep the landscape looking nice. Note that if the lava is arranged so that it runs into trenches, and thus doesn’t pose a threat to players unless they move directly into the lava, it isn’t illegal.

Note that stealing is different to grief, and that stealing from an unclaimed base or an unclaimed section of a base is still legal. If somebody breaks blocks to get into an unclaimed base or an unclaimed section of a base, and puts the blocks back and fixes any structural damage, it is not illegal.