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The alliance is (in game) a centralized federation governed by a Emperor Margerion I with full decisional powers, that disallows volunteers. All the factions are allowed to leave whenever they wish.


The Alliance was created as an answer to the growing power of Mordor. After clearing Khazad-Dum, Obi decided to invite all the Free Folks rulers and offered them friendship and asked them if they wished to join a council of kings to coordinate the efforts of the free folks in 2947 T.A.

Four years passed since that day and in winter of 2951 the founding members gathered as soon as the news of a great host of Easterlings was announced. The following battle marked the birth of the Alliance, that at the time had Two official members: Khazad-Dum and Dale; Ador promised that his king Marger was committed to the idea and the two lords of Dorwinion, Nikephoros and Thalawestor wished to join as well as soon as their council agreed on giving the kingship to the latter.

The king of Woodland Realm agreed after some back and forth to be on the council as well, even without being an official member state of the alliance, and Arnor mantained his word to be a bastion for the free Folks in the West.

Slowly but surely, FFA was expanding, getting more and more factions inside the alliance and more and amore allies across the land and the seas.

External Allies[]

Besides the members of the council, there are other kingdoms that pledged their commitment to the defence of the free folks. Any king that - for some reason or another - wishes to be an ally but not in the official Alliance can still be in the council if they wish.

Members of the council but not officially in the Federation:

  1. Woodland Realm, which has a special status due to its prominence (2951 T.A - Ongoing)
  2. North Dunedain, which due to its history and prominence it has been awarded another honorary seat (2952 T.A. - Ongoing)
  3. Durin's Folk, which due to its close relationship with Khazad-dum has been awarded a place in the council and alliance(2956 T.A. - Ongoing)
  4. United States of Belegaer, leader of USB was a Dol Amroth captain and has close relations with Gondor(2961 T.A. - Ongoing)

Major Events[]

  • The diet of Khazad-dum (2947 T.A), where the alliance was discussed for the first time;
  • The council of Vitner Court(2951 T.A.), where the council was formed;
  • The pact of eternal friendship (2952 T.A.), where the king of Arnor joined the council.
  • The diet of Ahiso (2952 T.A.), where the king of Dale, after helping him to secure Faranor's home, made him join the Alliance
  • The council of Bladorthinople (2953 T.A.), where the kings of Khazad-dum, Dale, Gondor and Dorwinion met to ratify the membership of Dorwinion into the Alliance
  • The Rise of the Rohirrim (2953 T.A.); when Ador became the king of Rohan and joined the Alliance
  • The council of Ktiriöstimesi(2956 T.A.); when Mzil took the crown of Lothlorien and joined the Alliance
  • The negotiations of Leikowīko(2958 T.A.); when men of Dunland rose against Saruman, neutralised their relationship with Rohan and joined the Alliance
  • The council of Tolmond(2961 T.A.); when Andrast and Ithildan decided to become allies with the Free Folk and both got their place in the council
  • The election of Cedarwood(2962 T.A.); where the council of FFA elected King Margerion I as temporary Emperor
  • The return of the Chieftain(2962 T.A.); when Beorn got cured by the Shamans and Beorning Chiefdom joined the Alliance
  • The decisions of Rhosgobel(2962 T.A.); when FFA was helping WLR and lost battle for the East Bight, after which both Radagast and Gandalf joined the council

Wars of the Alliance[]