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Why build a Fort

The Fort is a Structure which can control a Province (like Cities do), and it's useful for the Faction which owns it. The Fort can be used as Place for a Siege (so best make sure it is formidable). In that Case it's really helpful, because the Defenders will have an easier Time defending against the Invaders. This Fort can give you the upper Edge in a Battle. If there is a Siege and there are no Forts in the Province, the Defenders will have 10 minutes to build some quick Defenses against the Invaders.

The Forts are 100% conquerable, so if you lose a Siege, you can lose the entire Fort after the Battle (so it is not very smart to make it your Base if War is near)!

How to make an official Recognized Fort

To do this, your Fort must to meet all of these Requirements:

Size-Requirements and Claims

A Fort must have a minimum Size of 40 (Length) x 40 (Width) x 6 (Height), with the maximum Size of 130 x 130 x 65 (Height)

You must claim the Fortress with at least 1 Gold Block, but you can use a maximum of 4 Gold Blocks.

It's forbidden place Claims over the others, place Claims to protect the Sky, and place more than two Gold Block Claims in one Direction. You can only make a Square of Claims. You can build a recognized Fort only in your own Provinces or in an unowned Province if you want to colonize it.



The Structures the Fort Requires in Order to get recognized


The Fort must be encircled by Walls, which must have a min Height of 4, with the max Height of 65, and they must have a Thickness of the minimum of 3 Blocks.

Entrance Gate

It's required to have a Gate which has the min Size of 2 x 3. The Entrance Gate is the Door which allows you to enter and exit the City/Fort and is located within the Walls.


This Structure must have a min Size of 5 x 5 (inside), it must look like a separate Structure or an internal Room if you have a main Keep. The Smithy must have the minimum of Furniture made up of a Chest, a Workbench, 3 filled Armour Stands, 3 filled Weapon Racks, 1 Anvil, 1 Unsmeltery, 1 Forge (of any Type) and a Door.

Granary (Warehouse)

This Structure must have a min Size of 5 x 5 (inside), it must look like a separate Structure or an internal Room if you have a main Keep where you can build it. The Warehouse must have a minimum of Furniture made up of 6 Chests, a Workbench, 2 Barrels and a Door.


It must have a min Size of 5 x 5 (inside), it must look like a separate Structure and it must contain at least 2 rideable Animals, like Horses or Boars.


They must look like a separate Structure or a internal Room if you have a main Keep, if you can build it there. You can alternatively build many Tents which work with separated Barracks, or only a barracks which contains all the required Furniture. The Barracks must have at least: 8 Beds, 1 Door. If you built Tents, there must be 8, and all of them must contain 1 Bed.

Water Well

You must have 1 Well filled with Water.

The Province where the Fort is located must be not involved in Wars. If it's a War Objective, then new forts can't be recognized there.

Rules applying after the Recognition

  • You can't place Lava, Fire, Quagmire or similar to protect your Fort.
  • You can build a Moat, but it can't be deeper than 3 Blocks.
  • It's forbidden place more than 4 GATES in the Fort, Entrance Gate included. The Gates will be replaced by Blocks based on their original Materials or Durability: . Wood/Hobbit/Taurethrim Gates will become Oakwood-Beams, Iron Portcullis will become Iron Bars, Orc and Uruk Gates will become Mordor Rock, Gondorian and Dol-Amroth Gates will become Gondor Rock, Rohan Gate will become Rohan Rock, Haradrim Gate will become Haradrim Brick, Galadhrim/High-Elven/Wood-Elven Gates will become Elven Bricks, Dwarven Gate will become Dwarven Bricks, Rhunic Gate will become Rhunic bricks, and lastly Silver/Golden/Mithril Gates will become stone.
  • If the Fort was chosen as a Place for a Siege, it will be unclaimed.
  • The Fort can't be broken before the War.
  • The Fort can be reclaimed by it's owners AFTER the Battle ends, unless the Defenders won the War.
  • All the Fort Modifications must respect the Recognition Requirements.
  • The Fort must be checked before a Battle
  • The Fort can't contain ANY BLOCKS OF OBSIDIAN.