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Note: Forodrim Ardhin (FA) is an old empire and does not exist anymore

Empire Structure[]

Forodrim Ardhin is a centralized Empire.

The Empire holds a Monlthy Election for the Emperor, this is done by the Quinquumviro.

The Empire doesn't allow Volunteering against it's own Kingdoms.

These rules can change depending on votes within the Empire.


The Federation was founded with the aim of bringing together the kingdoms loved by Iluvatar to preserve peace in the Middle-Earth.

Politically, the Federation consists of a council formed by the kings of the member factions.


Initially the federation was called Gwend uin Erain (Literally: friendship of the kings), and his objective was to include all the factions containing elves. At the time, Tol Edhil, ruled by Aelwen (Akalii), Lothlorien , under King Celeborn (Giacobrick), Artheloth and High Elves , ruled by Siegfried (SargonDG) and Klimmesil joined the wood elves, led by King Thranduil (Molo97), in the federation.

The Gwend Uin Erain established the backbone of the alliance of the free folks, ended with the war of Sun and Moon, and was the main ally of the Gondorian empire through the wars against Sauron in the Ithilien.

After the great dispersion in Gondor, that was left with few players, the Gwend Uin Erain acknowledged that the north was now the probable new enemy of Mordor, so the king of North Dunedains , Ealwe (Pap02) was accepted into the federation and the king of the Durin's Folk , Stannis (OdinHaddock) was invited too. King Siegfried left the remnants of Artheloth and became king of the Blue Dwarves, under the name of Heimdall, joining the federation with his faction.

The Federation's objective are changed: now they seeks to include all the northern realms of middle earth to face Sauron united. It was renamed for this "Forodrim Ardhin", realms of the north. Thranduil asked to Lord Tankrid (mrquiver3000), the King of Dale, if he wished to join the federation, but initially the Dalish Royal Council refused the offer.King Legolas (CeryusBusiness) had more luck, who managed to convince King Tankrid and his Earls and Governors to join the Federation.

Another chapter of the federation was written in the Diet of Tharbad, where Hexenetor(Hexperim) and Maglor(Molo97) established the borders of the Southern Dunedain Empire and the Forodrim Ardhin. the Enedwaith was ceded entirely to Gondor and his subjects, while Dorwinion was to be given to the Federation. That treaty defined the field of influence of the two powers: North to the federation and south to the SDE. The inclusion of Dorwinion was a great move on the part of Maglor, because it connected the Avari with the other factions, and added a new kingdom in the federation. King AAZZAA was crowned in the city of Vitner Court 8/11/18, and became a new important member of the Forodhrim Ardhin.

On december of the same year, King Durin VII (HOSTIS) decided to recreate the old dwarven empire, so he left the federation. Maglor and Legolas thought about returning to the old Federation of the elves, but at the end they decided keep the kingdoms of the men inside of it, being Dorwinion half-elven, North Dunedain in close relationships with High Elves and Rivendell, and Dale had the same but in regard of Woodland Realm. Lossoth was basically deserted, so they kept it in.

After a period of stagnation, the Forodhrim ardhin was split in two:

The Western Reunited Eldar and edain (WRE) with Lindon ruled by Maglor (Molo97), North Dunedain, ruled by Aldarion (LordVlagezda), Rivendell ruled by Dalinar (Lincoln415) and Artheloth ruled by Ephraim (SargonDG)

The Eastern Reunited Eldar and edain (ERE) with Woodland Realm ruled by Volantis (voky007), Lothlorien ruled by Giacobrick, Dorwinion ruled by PhoenixDood, Avari ruled by LegalHits, Red Dwarves ruled by Dol_Amroth and Lossoth, Ruled by AaronFG.

This period remained, until the end of Arnor's reform, and with the arrival of the new empire to the server and the extinction of some factions that remained inactive for a long time, the two halves of the federation became completely individual, sharing only the code of laws of the former federation and maintaining an eternal military alliance called FA in honor to the old federation.

After the separation, the ERE kept its name, but suffered great damage, as most of his factions were extinguished, remaining only very few players, while the WRE also lost some factions but it was completely reformed into a federation with only elven factions called Council Of Elrond (COE), keeping only Lindon and Rivendell from the original WRE formation.


The COE is composed by four realms:

  • Lindon, ruled by Penlod(MainteemoTank)
  • Rivendell, ruled by Maglor (Molo97)
  • Ondolindë, ruled by Glorfindel (Vegen)

The WRE, later Renamed Council of Eldars, returned to the initial name of Gwend uin Erain (Alliance of Kings), even if only one of the starting realms (Lindon) is in the Federation.

The story of WRE is long and lasting, shadowing its eastern branch, Firstly was separed by the great distance and the need of a quicker administration, more centralized. The results prooved the change needed, since the WRE extablished itself as the leader of Free Folks, winning important battles and reclaiming the old realm of Arnor.

COE - Council of Kings[]

After the WRE released North Dunedain and Artheloth to form the empire of Arnor, Dalinar (Lincoln415) reformed the federation, strong as always and with close bonds with Arnor and the Khazad Empire.


The ERE was composed by five realms

  • Woodland Realm
  • Dorwinion
  • Lothlorien
  • Avari Elves
  • Lossoth

The story of ERE is one of great sadness for everyone that remember the days where the East was the center of power. Thranduil and Legolas left the realm, while the Galadhrim grew more isolated. Dorwinion and Avari were basically a non-factor. Lossoth as well.

The story of ERE is more sad than some may think because it was the pulsing hearth of the three great comebacks for the Free Folks: The battle of Thranduil's halls, that ensured hundreds of years of peace to the Silvan elves was fought here, Thranduil was the leader of the elves that helped Gondor and Rohan fending off the first invasion of Mordor in the Fourth Age and the Woodland Realm and the Avari were the two most important realms at the formation of the first Gwend uin Erain.

There were times that it was thought the old great realms could rise again as pillars of the Free Folks, but the first Rohirric-Galadhrim war turned off the last hopes of a slow recover.


The Federation is ruled by a council of all the kings and maiar. Some chairs in their council room are left empty for the Valar, a sign of hope for all the people in the Forodrim Ardhin. The White Council can be opened to a general and a diplomat, that in time of need can help the federation to go trough an harsh time with a strong will. The citizens of the kingdoms involved can visit the assembly and see all the actions of the council, posted on the outside of the council room to be read by everyone.

Even if the federation is split in 2, councils are planned to coordinate the actions between the two parts

War policy[]

The Federation doesn't bind the kingdoms within it to a uniform policy regarding aggressive wars: every faction can wage war alone, if it wants. Defensive wars, on the other hand, are collective, and refusing a call to arms can lead to the expulsion of the kingdom from the federation. All the alliances can only be defensive.

The fact that the federation doesn't act like a uniform body in wars doesn't mean that it didn't. The war in Ithilien is a clear prove of that


  • The war of the sun and the moon (King Thranduil) -- needs to be expanded
  • Fifth war for Ithilien (King Thranduil) -- needs to be expanded
  • Second Dwarven civil war (King Thranduil) -- needs to be expanded

The War in the south []

"The taurethrim were defeated once, near ... Shaman Pah. We could slip through the Morwaith territory and reach the Taurethrim army."                                                                                                                           

Report of the first battle to King Maglor

The first battle saw a clear defeat of the ill-trained forces of the Taurethrim against the Morwaith. Maglor decided to help the forest people, with him Lord Hyperion, and a mixed force of Northern and Southern dunedain. He choose the place to make their last stand on an high hill, surrounded by the forest and with a river on one side. The battle was a slaughter for the attackers, Maglor and Hyperion killed half of the enemy commanders.

The Second war for Adornland[]

The war started to reconquer the lost western part of Rohan. The Souther Dúnedain Empire asked for help to the Forodhrim Ardhin, so Maglor, with Hyperion, King Klimmesil, King Legolas (Ceryusbusiness) and Ostarion (AAZZAA) joined the attackers.

The Elven led force came from the north, joining the army of SDE. The explorers reported of a small number of enemies on their tracks, so they all agreed to engage. The reports were far from reality: a Huge uruk and troll army faced them, and before they could even think of a better time to engage, the enemies were on them.

The trolls charged into their center, smashing through elves and men, killing most of the army of SDE. Hyperion and Klimmesil were badly injured, and Radarion was wounded trying to protect them. Maglor was cut off from the main army, but managed to rally the left flank and repelled two attacks with Lord Anardil and King Elfwine. 

Eventually, the Trolls were driven away, the uruks repelled, but the army of the Free folks was scattered and leaderless. After some time they managed to gather again with Prince Falan, Hexnethor , King Legolas and Lord Eradan. Nobody knew the fate of the istar Radagast. The forces of Saruman gathered once again to struck into the small army of the survivors, but a strong barrage of arrows prevented them to achieve victory. After long and endless minutes, the bodies of the fallen trolls covered most of the battlefied, filled with arrows. When they saw their enemy strongly diminished, Prince Falan and Lord Elfwine tried to kill the remaining enemy captain, but Elfwine was badly wounded fighting with Vendetta.

Third War For Adornland []

"Hexnethor was among the first fallen, Falan followed him swiftly. I don't really remember when Eradan died, but it was before we started to retreat and before Aelandil and another gondorian died. Then Anardil fell as welll."

-King Maglor on the battle

The war started when Isengard, lead by Saruman(KeyLime), launched an invasion to reconquest the lost provinces in Adornland. The Federation sent a small veteran force of Maglor (Molo97) and Legolas (CeryusBusiness).

The Isengard-Mordor side was more numerous and the battle seemed hard to win. At first, the Gondorians defended a small fort, but then King Hexnethor sallied out, seeing the attackers dispersed.

Most of the defenders didn't followed him; the confusion ruled in the ranks of the free folks and at the time they followed their leader, he was already driven out of the battlefield and injuried, alongside with Aelandil (termix11), MROZIU and Prince Falan (MarsonX) of Dol Amroth.

Seeing his side diminished by a strong half, Maglor took the command and struck at the back of the army, he personally defeated mage557, Witchking (HogoBojo) and Grima(Emerald_Minestar), but Lord Eradan(PotatoRekt41) fell too and the general retreat was called.

Split and chased, the situation looked hopeless for the small army of the survivors, but King Fengel (Fvaltrock) raised the morale of the free folks and refused to flee. Nontheless, even Lord Anardil (Mati_29) was defeated and the ranks of the defenders wore thin.

The turning point was when the nazgul Vendetta(Vendetta_V) was defeated by King Legolas, and Maglor, with the help of him and Fengel regained the control of the battlefield, injurying both Saruman and Sauron. Although costly, the battle was won and Adornland was safe.

Second and Third war For Dol Guldur[]

The wars for dol guldur were a pushback on the desires of king Legolas to restore the mighty Amon Lanc. The first one was won by Sauron with a trick: While the army of the Federation crushed them thrice, the remains of the DLE got back to the battleplace before the FA army.

The second war was a lost cause: the rienforcements from SDE arrived once again under the banners of King Fengel (Fvaltrock), Lord Eradan (Potatorekt41) and few others. The main army never showed up and the balance between the two sides was heavily in favour of DLE. King Maglor tried to retreat with the army, but the nazguls used their invisibility to flank them several times. At the end only him and King Durin VII (Hostis), who came with strong rienforcements, were left and abandoned the field.