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Folcwalding Dynasty[]

History of the Folcwalding Dynasty[]

TA 1975 - 2045[]

The Folcwalding Dynasty started with King Folcwald of Minhiriath. He was the first king of Minhiriath and controlled many of it's Jarls after being driven out by their ancestral lands by the Wainriders. Folcwald was of both Minhiriathrim and Éothéod descent.

After the death of King Finn I Folcwalding the kingdom of Minhiriath was divided by the many Jarls. The sons of Finn I all claimed the throne of Minhiriath, with none succeeding. Finally the youngest son named Aldgisl would have the throne of his father's former territories, now bearing the name of Doccinga.

TA 2947 - present[]

The new head of the Folcwalding Dynasty is Finn II Folcwalding. Finn II took over his father's lands after his death in 2946. He is known as a skilled warrior and sailor, having made many exploits over Middle-Earth before ascending the throne.


Finn II Folcwalding - Yggdrasil030

Radboud Folcwalding - Meleutherius