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Theater of War[]

In 2952 T.A. Thranduil, the King of Woodland Realm, asked to the Free Folks' Alliance to help him cleanse the southern part of Mirkwood.

The alliance answered in numbers, bringing more than two thousands dozens of troops. Thranduil met with Thalawestor and Brandevald at his halls, then marched down to connect with the dwarves led by Obi and the southern allies.

Battle of the Ruined Tower[]



  1. Thranduil (Ninless)(POV)
  2. Radagast (JARANO)
  3. Brandevald (NoraTion)
  4. MainTeemoTank
  5. Faranor (helvede333)
  6. Obi I Molobi (Molo97)(POV)
  7. Ador (Silvershot)
  8. Mzil
  9. Thalawestor (HagenOfBohemia)
  10. Bawana Amid (DeadK4t)


  1. MrMaize (tehinator)
  2. Dwarr (texormiq)
  3. Witch-king (hyperkillerTv)
  4. Saruman (lalic02)
  5. Sauron (Hx_Talisman)
  6. Khamul (Szymon_428)
  7. BlueBeard (BlueKiller)

The battle[]

After uniting their armies, the free folks headed south, until they reached an old elven stronghold near a lake. Sauron took his army and decided to defend the place; due to it's strong defensive location, the attackers first had to assault the wall. With limited options Obi stopped the armies behind the thick vegetation and sent the skirmishers out, Radagast leading them.

While skirmishing, a small group of galadhrim infiltrated into the fortress, trying to open a way for the rest of the army, but they were quickly found and slaughered (Mzil was slain by BlueKiller using [§8The Rumbling] ).

After that, the shower of arrows started having some effect on the defenders, who lost most of the uruks, who tried to flee, but were cornered by Ador, that killed the rest of them with his cavalry (lalic02 was slain by Silvershot47 using [Gamil's Iron] ).

Feeling confident, Radagast ordered a general charge, seeing the defenders demoralized and disorganized. They tried to climb the walls, and a fierce melee started on the battlements. Obi was pushed down by an enemy while he was trying to climb, fighting his way to the top (Molo97 fell from a high place), and a corsair captain was killed by Thalawestor right after, who suffered a wound from the hands of a nazgul( BlueKiller was slain by HagenOfBohemia using [§cBloodstained Legacy] ; HagenOfBohemia was slain by Szymon_428 using [§3Anoraef] ).

Seeing that the battle wasn't going great and the defenders held their advantage, Radagast tried to called the general retreat to regroup, with a wounded Obi, his leg broken, that kept shouting to the other dwarves that he had to return back to the battle.

In the midst of battle, grim news reached Thranduil, another force of orcs and evil men was ravaging his realm. With only garrisons left and his other armies far, he took the only decision left and marched north, in order to protect his lands, while the other Free Folks sayed there, continuing the battle.

The siege of the tower[]

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"Me and the boys in Edgelord Vietnam before being fucked by magic water, circa 1970s, colorized" - Beginning of the Siege of the Tower, Ador's POV

After that, the battle slowed, with the attackers being damaged after another by the defenders by shooting them out of the tower, eventually killing them on the ground. Some time after, when the witchking was wounded, Sauron called the retreat and fled the battlefield (texormiq was slain by JARANO using [§3Jaran]; hyperkillerTv was slain by NoraTion using [§9Sword of Brandevald]).

Overall the losses were heavy on both sides and only the leadeship of Radagast saved the day. Both sides licked their wounds and regrouped, in order to fight another day

The aftermath[]

The first battle ended with a victory of the Woodland Realm and Thranduil managed to clear his land of the raiders. While Sauron had suffered a defeat, it was strategically a win because he inflicted many casualties on his opponents; casualties they couldn't quickly replace.