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The wars of Adornland are generally regarded as a time of decline for the gondorian army, while the elven army started to rule the battlefield. The wars were fought to regain a long lost part of Rohan, Adornland.

The war[]

Gondor's side was joined by a considerable force of elves and men from the north. The Forodrim Ardhin sent their best to the battle, to help the Gondorian army in an hard time.

The trolls charged into the center of the Free Folks army, smashing through elves and men, killing most of the army of SDE. Hyperion and Klimmesil were badly injured, and Radarion was wounded trying to protect them. Maglor was cut off from the main army, but managed to rally the left flank and repelled two attacks with Lord Anardil and King Elfwine.

Eventually, the Trolls were driven away, the uruks repelled, but the army of the Free folks was scattered and leaderless. After some time they managed to gather again with Prince Falan, Hexnethor , King Legolas and Lord Eradan. Nobody knew the fate of the istar Radagast. The forces of Saruman gathered once again to struck into the small army of the survivors, but a strong barrage of arrows prevented them to achieve victory. After long and endless minutes, the bodies of the fallen trolls covered most of the battlefied, filled with arrows. When they saw their enemy strongly diminished, Prince Falan and Lord Elfwine tried to kill the remaining enemy captain, but Elfwine was badly wounded fighting with Vendetta.