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  1. Shah Örthúc(DoggyGameNL)
  2. Zayed(DuszaZarrow)
  3. Indur(CMPUCK)
  4. Dwarr(Texormiq)
  5. Shaka(Emerald_Minestar)
  6. Saruman(lalic02)
  7. MrMaize(Tehinator)
  8. acult
  9. T3lchar


  1. Obi I Molobi(Molo97) (POV)
  2. Laique(Jarano)
  3. Thranduil(Ninless) (POV)
  4. Nikephoros(caranthir00)
  5. Mzil
  6. Thalawestor(HagenOfBohemia)
  7. Ador(Silvershot47)
  8. Brandevald(NoraTion)
  9. Faranor(helvede333)

Theater of War[]

During a summit of the soon-to-be formed Alliance of the Free folks, during Summer of 2951 T.A., the news of a force of Easterlings approacing came to the ears of the council.

Obi I Molobi, hearing the news, urged the others to fight for the Dorwinrhim, which had a garrison stationed nearby. All the rulers and envoys of the council pledged to fight, included some elves coming from Lindon, under the leadership of the son of Maglor. They decided to fight them as soon as they passed the border, near the golden ford.

Before the battle, fearing for the lives of the people present at the ford, Obi reached an agreement with the king of Rhudel to spare the prisoners and return the most prized spoils of war.

The battle of Golden Ford[]

The defenders scouted the plain in advance and took position on a hill, opting to defend the place and retreat in the nearby wineyards and hills if the fight turned on the bad side for them. They had a small village behind and the road laid on the east. They scouted ahead on the southern side, hoping to catch the forces of the Easterling still mid-fording, but their enemies were quicker and cunning, so they managed to cross the river before the army got in place and mustered for battle a scarce mile north-east of the defenders' location.

Obi, in charge of the battle, asked Thranduil and the other horsemen (a mere 300 in total) to scout the enemy, but since they prepared ahead, the Easterling vanguard, composed of 2000 men and orcs, fell on them, killing some of the scouts and routing them. Although with minimal losses, they had to retreat quickly, but the Easterling knights, hoping to catch the free folks unprepared, pressed through the main battle line, with the warg-riders close behind.

A ferocious melee started, both sides trading blows, but the Dorwinrhim, composing much of the main force of the free folks, stood stronger and whiped the cavalry, leaving few hundreds of survivors. After that, a counter charge insued on the left side, while on the right side the dunlendling and a crack force of uruks pressed the free folks, almost routing them and the contingent of Galadhrim was almost destroyed, its commander Mzil fell against the might of the Dunlendling chief acult. (Mzil was slain by acult using [Gwaedhel])

Although initially on the backfoot on the right side; on the left the charge of the elves and dalish tore through the Eastelings, killing most of the remaining troops of the Easterings and bringing back the balance to their side. (DuszaZarow was slain by NoraTion using [PIKE OF AINAMOR]; T3lChaR was slain by Ninless using [Tyelpehte])

After the exchange, the Rhunic army tried to flee for the ford, but most of them was slaughtered and cornered (tehinator was slain by Rossloth, the Warrior of Bladorthin; Emerald_Minestar was burnt to a crisp whilst fighting HagenOfBohemia; lalic02 was slain by Ninless using [Sword of Fram], acult was slain by Ninless using [Tyelpehte]), around 800 of the attackers managed to go away, about half of them dispersed through the countryside of Dorwinion, while the others crossed successfully the bridge and weren't chased further.

The aftermath[]

The result of the battle was the renewal of the pledge of friendship between Woodland Realm and the other kingdoms and the creation of the Alliance of the Free Folks.

In T.A. 2954 Basileus Thalawestor I , king of Dorwinion, personally constructs a memorial at the site of the Battle of the Golden Ford, in honor both to those who fought and fell on that day, and to Eru almighty.

Momument Golden Ford