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What are Events?

Events are things of the past, which signed the history and lore of Ancar.

The Fifth Age

The name given to the eruption of Mount Doom, whole lore here (Full reset of the server, 16-07-20)

The dark age which followed the eruption of Mount Doom, the end of the Andrhîw coincides with the beginning of the 5th age. (Full reset of the server, 16-07-2020)

Older Events

  • The Mistaken War
  • Utumno Event (2018)
  • World Catastrophe (All borders reset to Original, 04/09/2018)
  • Red Dwarves creation (19/09/2018 by King Gimli aka Dzoz)
  • Utumno event - 01/11/2019

2 videos were uploaded, one being by Xavron and one by Molo. Click here for Xavron's perspective. Click here for Molo's perspective.

  • Disabled MCMMO war event - 06/03/2020

An event where the mcmmo was disabled. War was between Arnor/Rivendell and Mordor/Gondor - with Mordor/Gondor victorious.

  • Randomized Teams Battle - 14/03/2020

There were 2 events with acult hosting one and Xavron hosting the second. Acult hosted in the early evening (Approx 18.00 - 19.00) and Xavron hosted the late evening (22.00 - 23.00)

War Events

Invasion Wars

Wars where it's about annexing provinces of other factions.

Wars of Independency

Wars where it's about factions/fiefdoms wanting to leave a specific empire.

Civil Wars

Wars where it's about overthrowing the current king/emperor of a specific empire.