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! This faction, which once was part of our server, no longer exist. Only the stories remain about it.

Motive: This faction no longer exist, due to inactivity


The Republic of Eneadur[]

Overview of the Landscape[]

The island of Eneadur is located inside the Rómeneär Archipelago, a bunch of island in the Eastern Sea.

These islands (Eneadur included) have a temperated climate and a variety of unique ecosystems, the jungle biome is also common.


After the great victory against Sauron, the Númenoreans explored each ocean of Arda and mass-colonized new lands. The Eneadurians were most likely survivors of the Númenoreans who explored the eastern oceans before the cataclysm. After the fall of Númenor, the island of Eneadur was forsaken mostly for the great distance between the island and the rest of the Númenorean colonies and also by the interruption of the sea nodes due to the fall of Númenor which were the only connection with the rest of the Númenorean world. The relations of Eneadur with the rest of the world drastically diminuished in the years which followed the cataclysm, they eventually ceased totally after one century or less. The isolation lasted for a large number of time (some centuries) and brought the Eneadurians to the evolution of their language into a different branch of Adunaic which drastically changed during the time. In Fourth Age the Eneadurians eventually tried to start relations with the rest of the world by sending small exploration expeditions, but most of them ended into failure since most of the Númenorean cartography was lost during the centuries.