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When a Faction (A.K.A. Kingdom) vassalizes another One, the leading Faction (the Faction which rules the other) can create an Empire. It will include the Overlord Faction and the Vassal Factions. The King of the Leading Faction will become Emperor as they rule over the Vassal Kings. When forming a new Empire, Leading Faction and Vassal must border each other.

The Federation is another kind of kingdom's coalition, which doesn't have vassals but instead each member of the federation has the same rights as the others. The ruler get elected periodically.

Empires and Federations have their own Chats like Kingdoms, PvP is disabled between Factions which are in the same Empire/Federation. The Emperor/Chancellor can also distribute Titles among his Servants.

Current Empires

Ruler Kingdom

Vassal Kingdoms

The Northern Pact Durin's Folk Arnor, Rivendell and Woodland Realm
Servants of Sauron Lothlorien Angmar, Dunland, East-Lorien, Gundabad and Isengard
Servants of Annatar Mordor Mordor and Rhudel
--- --- ---

Current Federations

Federation members

Anâthãni Gondor, Harad, Rohan and Umbar
--- ---

Dead Empires

Ruler Kingdom

Owned Vassals

Forodrim Ardhin (Federation) Lindon, Rivendell, Ondolindë, Arnor, Woodland Realm, Shire, Durin's Folk

Beornings, Artheloth, Dunland, Gondor

Far Haradic Empire Morwaith Taurethrim
Silvani Hegemony Lothlórien East Lórien
Great Rhûnic Empire Wainriders Red Mountains, Avari Elves
Dark Legion Empire Mordor Angmar, Dol Guldur, Gundabad, Gulfings, Half-Trolls, Harnedhrim, Isengard, Rhudel, Umbar, Wainriders.
Servants Of Sauron Mordor Angmar, Dunland, Gundabad, Half-Trolls, Isengard, Rhudel, Umbar, Wainriders.
Dor en Anbor y Ithil Dorwinion Dol Guldur
Nohrian Artheloth Woodland Realm
Khazâdul Durin's Folk Blue Dwarves, Dale, Lothlorien
Crebain Federation Isengard Half-Trolls
New Númenor Gondor Rohan
Khazadûl III Durin's Folk Rohan, Isengard
Niðavellir Durin's Folk Woodland Realm