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The Escape out of the Forest[]

Eluréd managed to escape the forest where him and his brother were lost but he didn't know where his brother was. He managed to escape because a white wolf helped him and showed him the way out of the forest. The wolf became his spirit animal and companion, and they went everywhere together. Eluréd named him Ilwë which means the sky and heavens. He gave him a necklace with a ruby in it so he would know it was him. They traveled thousands of miles until they found a great white city.


Finding Forlond[]

As Eluréd and Ilwë were entering the city which was full of light an elf with a Great White Crown was going down the stairs. He introduced himself as the King of Lindon Gweithir. Eluréd was speachless while he was looking at the city.

Gweithir said: "Ah i see you like this city, i made it and its called Forlond its our North Haven. Come here have a seat and some wine and tell me about yourself."

So Eluréd told him about how he and his brother were lost in a forest, and how his parents Dior Eluchil and Nimloth were slain during the Sack of Menegroth. He told him that he doesnt know where his sister and brother are and that he is looking for them. And Gweithir told him that he has heard of a story about Dior, that he was one of the fairest beings to ever live, a product of three heritages: Ainur (Maiar), Men and Elves. He said that Eluréd's name and his fathers name have the same meaning which is Heir of Elu. So Eluréd stayed at Gweithirs city with his companion while he was thinking what to do.


Present Day[]

Eluréd's Last Name[]

Eluréd didn't have a last name because elves never had last names, but he had a epessë which was given to him by the elves of Lindon. His last name is the same as his grandfathers (Beren) which is Erchamion and he got that last name because he always held his blade with one hand and because he acted like Beren. Erchamion meant one-handed in Sindarin.

The Finding of Rivendell[]

While Eluréd was traveling through Middle Earth and learning a lot about it he crossed upon a valley of elves, so he asked them where he is.

They answered with: "This is the Hidden Vale of Imladris also known as Rivendell."

Eluréd was confused why they were so sad and questioned them. They said that their last king Dalinar (Lincoln415) dissapeared and that they don't have anyone to lead them. Eluréd said that they shouldn't worry because he will help them and lead them. The elves hoped he is gonna be a good leader because Dalinar was such a good King that they dont know if someone could be better than him. They gifted him a blade named Hadhafang which was used by Elrond Half-Elven and Arwen Undominel which Eluréd was really thankful for.

Used by Lord Elrond and his daughter Arwen.

Elrond's Sword

Preparing for the Battle of Imladris[]

As Eluréd Lord of Rivendell is sitting and reading a book an elf on a horse storms into Rivendell and requesting to see the king.

"I have horrible news. The orcs of Gundabad are gathering in the mountains, it looks like they are preparing for war! There's thousands of bloody orcs and trolls who are being led by the nazgul Uvatha. What shall we do your majesty?" - The elf asks Eluréd.

"Go to the great elven smithy and tell the smiths to make as many blades and armour as they can, because we are running low on it in the armoury." - Eluréd

"Send word to the realms to the west and south, we need reinforcements." - Eluréd sends a messenger.

And so the elf went to inform the smiths while Eluréd got the army ready. There were all types of warriors, from guardsmen and glaivesmen who use swords and pikes to archers and knights.

"Close the gates and man the catapults! Every man who can fight get ready, as for the kids and women go inside and hide!" - Eluréd screamed from the top of his lungs.

It was terrifying, the kids were crying while the women were trying to calm them down. The elves knew it was gonna take the enemies a day or two to come so they spent a little time with their family and got in place for battle.

"I know you're scared but don't be, be strong for your family! This will not be your last battle, there will be more to come, even if im gonna be here or not. If I don't make it out alive don't worry you will always remember me in your hearts. Now lets fight! For Imladris!" - As Eluréd inspired the elves they could hear screams of orcs and trolls far away.

Meeting the scout[]

A day went by and as Eluréd was waiting to see the enemy he heard galloping and the sound of elks.

"No it cant be, Thranduil?" - Eluréd is in shock.

Suddenly a wood elven scout appeared at the gate

"What does king Thranduil want with Rivendell?" - Eluréd asks the scout from the wall.

"He wants you to surrender the throne." - The scout answers.

"Never, its war." - Eluréd

As the scout runs to his majesty Eluréd thinks why Thranduil would do this.

"I heard the King of the Woodland was traitorous, but I never expected this. Elves working with orcs, unbelievable." - Eluréd

Arriving allies[]

The messenger who Eluréd sent came back and said that there are allies coming. And after some time two kings arrived, King of Lindon Gweithir and King of Ered Luin Azor. Gweithir came with elven warriors who were at the War of the Last Alliance , while Azor had great siege weapons and warriors from the Firebeards and Broadbeams tribes.

"Thank you great kings for coming to our aid, my name is Eluréd. Azor i know our kingdoms had some differences but lets put that aside, it was in the past." - Eluréd was a little concerned because the dwarves of the Blue Mountains are hard to reason with.

"Aye, lets put it aside, there's worse things we should worry about. I see ya have a problem with the orcs of Gundabad and am I mistaken or is that Thranduil? I never liked him anyways, the elves of Mirkwood were always traitorous except for his son Legolas, he is the opposite of his father. Now lets get rid of these orcs and elves shall we eh?" - As Azor answered a big weight was released from Eluréd.

"Not yet there's someone missing. Where are Gondor and Rohan, messenger?" - Eluréd

"They are taking the way through Dunland and Eregion because the Wood elves blocked the path from the east. So its gonna take them some time." - Elf scout

While Eluréd is thinking what he should do he hears someone calling for him at the gate.

"Who is it?" - Eluréd asks a elf in the watch tower.

"Its two stinking pirates. It looks like they want to help." - Elven warrior

"Who are you and why do you want to help us?" - Eluréd asks the pirates.

"My name is John and my comrade, well we call him Tarma. We heard there was something happening here so we came to have a little fun with those pesty orcs. They are just utterly disgusting." - John answers Eluréd.

As everyone is getting ready another person shows up at the gate.

"Who are you if I may ask and what are you doing here? Did u get lost old man?" - Eluréd asks the elder.

"Well I'm no old man, I'm Rómestámo but some may call me Pallando the Blue and I heard there was some trouble here so I came to check it out."

"I heard stories about you, didn't you and Morinehtar also knows as Allatar go to the east and were never seen again?" - Eluréd asks shocked.

"Oh yes but we decided to come back and help as much as we can." - Pallando

"Where is the other Blue Wizard?" - Eluréd

"Oh I don't know, he could be anywhere by now." - Pallando

"Well thank you for coming, we will take all the help we could get." - Eluréd thanks Pallando and goes to check on everyone else.

As that's happening the elves of Mirkwood and orcs of Gundabad were getting ready for a big siege. Setting up siege weapons, siege towers and armies in formation.

The Beginning of the Siege[]

As King Anardil of Gondor and King Eomér managed to get to Rivendell a elf on the watch tower rushes to the king.

"The orcs and elves are marching!" - Elven warrior screams.

"Get in formation!" - Eluréd

As Eluréd says that a tower goes down in flames as it gets hit by a flaming boulder killing everyone inside it. While that was happening siege trolls were bringing the walls down.

"Dartho!" - Eluréd tells the archers to hold as the orcs and elves are marching.

"Leithio i philinn!" - As Eluréd says that the arrows go flying killing many orcs and elves but there is still many to kill.

"What's happening out there? I can't see anything!" - Azor says furiously.

As arrows and boulders are flying everywhere the trolls manage to break through the walls and gate. As one of the trolls breaks in Azor jumps on his head killing him with one blow with his axe. Gweithir and his archers at the back start shooting at the infiltrating hordes of orcs and elves. Pallando blinding the enemies with bright lights like the sun.

While that is happening the two pirates John and Tarma managed to get to the back of the enemy and start dismantling all of the siege weapons and killing the orcs controlling them while laughing.

Going back to the main army Azor killed the troll but fell into a horde of orcs. Eluréd sees that from the top of the wall and orders a couple of elves to follow him, and so they follow him jumping down to aid Azor.

"Thank ya lad." - Azor says to Eluréd as he gets up.

Azor gets up and calls for his warriors to make a line at the hole but they can't because there's too many orcs in the way. Pallando knows what to do and uses some type of shockwave magic and pushes the orcs out and then the dwarves went in defending the hole but they couldn't hold for that long. Orcs started pushing in again. It was all a mess in which Thranduil was winning. Until Kings of Rohan and Gondor showed up charging from the side but many got shot by Thranduils archers. Now Eluréd's side was outnumbering Thranduils. At one point Eluréd's side started pushing back getting close to the nazgul Uvatha. The nazgul started screeching so Eluréd put his hands on his ears. As he was doing that Uvatha swung his morgul blade and as it was about to cut off Eluréd's head, Gweithir shoots the nazgul in the head with a flaming arrow. The nazgul starts screeching again and runs away.

As the orcs see that their leader started running they started scattering and running aswell.

"What are you doing? Fight! Stop running!" - Thranduil shouts with anger in his voice.

He sees that they aren't listening to him he orders his elves to retreat.

"Hey what's happening? Nooo don't go we were having so much fun." The two pirates say wanting to fight more.

"Victory!" - Eluréd yells and the troops start celebrating.

"Thank you everyone for coming to help. It means a lot." - Eluréd

"You're welcome lad." - Azor

"Anytime." - Gweithir

"It was close but we made it in time." - Kings of Gondor and Rohan

The love life of Eluréd[]

Chapter I - Eluréd saving Filaurel[]

While Eluréd was on a walk in a nearby forest he heard a scream for help and it sounded like it was a woman. He started running through the forest until he found an orc camp so he hid and waited for the perfect opportunity. It looked like it was a band of Gundabad orcs who were getting ready to eat her and there were even vicious dire wargs. As they were gonna eat her Eluréd ambushed them and killed them but he got injured from the wargs. He took the woman into his arms and started running from other orcs coming out of nowhere until he stumbled into some elven warriors who helped him. The woman had a slim figure and beautiful, long, black hair. Eluréd took her to Rivendell and gave her some jewelry and a teal dress because he fell in love with her the first time he saw her.

"Whats your name?" Eluréd asks politely.

"My name is Filaurel, i came here from Lindon but on my journey i crossed paths with a gang of orcs."

"Well you are safe now so you don't have to worry anymore."

"Thank you so much i thought i was gonna die." As she thanks him she also hugs him and Eluréd blushes.


Chapter II - Eluréd and Filaurel having dinner[]

As the two of them were talking about their lives Eluréd told her to go to her room because he has a suprise for her. While she was getting ready Eluréd got the dinner ready for them. When she came out she looked stunning, Eluréd was also really nervous.

"Follow me, we are about to go on a walk and I will show you around." Eluréd says nervously. And so they go through the beautiful environment of Imladris until they get to the table prepared with food and a candle in the middle.

"Wow this looks amazing, so this is what you were talking about." Filaurel says while smiling. So they sit down and just talk and eat. As they finish Eluréd asks her a question.

"May I have this dance?" Eluréd asks Filaurel.

"A dance? But Im not good at dancing." Filaurel says disappointed in herself.

"Don't worry I'll teach you, just follow my lead." And so they start dancing the whole night and at the end Eluréd catches her in the dance and leans in for a kiss. After that he takes her to her room.

"Go and sleep, it was a long day."

"I had a wonderful time, thank you for that." Filaurel says hapily.

"I did too. Goodnight Filaurel"

"Goodnight." Filaurel says as she goes into her room. As Eluréd goes to his house he just jumps of joy.


Chapter III - The Marriage[]

As Eluréd was planning this for a long time he got everything ready for the marriage of him and Filaurel. While she and her friend went to get her a dress Eluréd went with Arasdaer his greatest soldier to find something to wear at the wedding. While searching for something to wear all his friends Anardil, Pallando, Azor, Eomér and Gweithir got everyone to the wedding. After some time at late evening Eluréd and Filaurel got married.

"Eluréd i have a surprise for you!" Filaurel tells him right after the kiss.

"What is it?" Eluréd asks.

"Im pregnant! Its a boy!" Filaurel answers him with such excitement.

"I cant believe it im going to be a father. Im going to make him the best warrior he can be, even stronger than me! I love you sweetheart." He tells Filaurel.

"I love you too."

And as they were kissing the whole crowd cheared. Dwarves from the Blue Mountains drinking, dancing and singing, men from Gondor and Rohan having fun while the elves looking at them and uttering "how uncivilized...". After a couple of decades there's Eluréds son trained by his father very well. As the young man Dior becomes the Lord of Rivendell Eluréd and Filaurel would grow old and spend the rest of their years in Forlond the first city Eluréd has ever seen and the two of them would sail by one of Gweithirs best ships to Valinor and they wished their son the most of luck with Eluréd saying: "It is the small everyday deeds of ordinary folks that keep darkness at bay. Small acts of kindness and love. I love you my son, goodbye."