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The Elrossirion Family line is one of the most coveted lines in Middle-Earth to this day. It was given birth by Meneldur (Sirmatte_) by merging two royal family lines together. The lines merged were The House of Feanor (Maglor's Daughter) and The House Telcontar (Eldarion) who together conceived Meneldur. The first house member was Aldarion.

The house used to consist of rulers of: Arnor (Aldarion), Artheloth (Ephraim), Rivendell and Gondor (Olemendil). The Crown Prince of Dale and a Dalish Princess were also part of the family. It's currently the Royal House of Arnor.


Elrossirion Family Tree, starting with Aldarion

The only alive house members right now are: Talion, Hithmir, Vardamir & Thalmir.


Holdings within the house could be Estates, Towns, Cities or Forts.

Name Type Location Holder Description

Artifacts & Heirlooms[]

All prized possessions within the Elrossirion family sorted by importance.