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Elros was a Sindarin elf. A normal courageous swordsman who wanted to be more. He and his father had a good relationship and were always there for each other while he didn't know anything about his mother and sister. The two of them would defend the Woodland Realm from invaders from Dol Guldur.

They would sometimes scout to see what the enemies were planning and whats their strategy. But once when they were scouting they were found by and orc named Urgath a fierce and skilled warrior. Elros's father Daeron fought the nasty orc and upcoming hordes so his son could run away and escape from the horid lands of Dol Guldur.

On that very day in the year 385 of the 4th age a very brave and strong soldier died to the brute force of the Servants of Morgoth. Elros traveled north to seek guidance as he wanted to be a great warrior one day like his father. He got tired from all the running and decided to take a rest in Mirkwood which wasn't a really good idea.

When he woke up he noticed he was hanging upside down for some reason. After a second he realized that a couple of giant spiders (Children of Ungolian) trapped him in their web and were talking about how his meat looked fine and tasty. He got really scared because he could understand them and he remembered that his father told him once when they were traveling through Mirkwood that if he could understand them that means that they are vicious and malevolent creatures and their pressence is typically seen as blight.

Elros couldn't do anything,he was weak because of the poison they injected in him. He came to the conclusion he was gonna die. When suddenly a tall elf with dark grey hair and grey eyes appeared and saved him from those wretched creatures.

Elros didn't believe in his rightfully mind that the elf who saved him was none other then Beleg Cuthalion a highly skilled archer that used the dark bow made of dark yew wood named Belthronding.

Beleg wasn't sure if he should accept Elros as his apprentice but when Elros told him about what happened to him and his father Beleg quickly welcomed him to his home in the new city of Ostrond.

After a good training Beleg sent Elros to The Vales of Anduin specifically to Beorn's Halls. Beleg: "Go there and rest a little bit, find your inner self." When he went there he layed in the grass and was thinking. Elros: "What should i do now, what if Beleg didnt save me in Mirkwood...?" All these thoughts were traveling through his mind.

After a long time spent with Beorn and his people Elros headed back to his home. When he was traveling he saw most of mirkwood was destroyed by the eruption of Mount Doom. He ran back to Ostrond and met up with Beleg and asked him : "What happened here the city is destroyed?", which Beleg answered with : Orcs ravaged it and stole everything the food, the materials...everything." Elros : "We gotta follow them and kill them!" Beleg : "Don't, you will get yourself killed." Elros: "I shall bring back Greenwoods glory and get revenge."

While Elros was sitting thinking how to take revenge for his father Daeron who was killed by a orc, his mother Dariel who was killed in the War for Mirkwood and his sister Daeriel who was kidnapped and he is still searching for her, another elf who he never met before came and said:"Come help me be king and i shall help you with wathever you need." Elros:"Who are you and isn't Beleg the king?" Elf:"I will explain everything just come to my home and we can drink tea and talk."

So Elros followed him into his home which was beautiful and there were trees with orange leaves around it. Elf: "My name is Malekith Miritar, you maybe heard of it in stories i was here for years i was one of the warriors in the War for Mirkwood, i fought side by side with your father, he was one of the best and where is he I have to talk with him. Elros: "My dad used to tell me stories about you but he is dead he was killed by an orc called Urgath, i tried to save him but i couldn't." Malekith: "Oh no, its ok its not your fault and I killed that orc, I heard he was talking about some elf he killed and i know who his commander is, he is called Agandaûr the Sorcerer and he was taught necromancy by the Dark Lord but i will tell you about him later. Well lets talk about Beleg, he said he was gonna go to Eregion because he has a house there and wants to spend some time there with other elves" Elros: "Okay that sounds nice." Malekith: "Yes and you will help me rule the Woodland Realm." Elros: "Yes sir!"

So thats how Malekith with the help of Elros claimed kingship of the Woodland Realm. Malekith: "I heard you wanted to reclaim Greenwoods glory did i not?" Elros: "Yes i did and i want to get revenge for my family." Malekith: "Ok lets not rush it, let me tell you more about Agandaûr, he is a descendant of Black Númenor, he dwels at the north in Angmar, he teaches orc necromancy and wants to rule over Middle Earth with Sauron." Elros: "He is a Black Númenórean and a Sorcerer?! That means he is a really strong foe, more than i have even imagined." Malekith: "Yes and if you want revenge the best way would be to kill him." Elros: "I will." Malekith: "And I of course will acompany you and help you as i said when we met." Elros: "Thank you, my king."

Beleg's Apprentice[]

Beleg didn't go easy on Elros even if he was just a swordsman and he gave him a bow so he could see if he knows how to use it and if he is good with it. After a while he got used to the bow. He noticed he got more accurate and stronger with it. When Elros finished his training he got really good with the bow but he tought it wasnt enough. He strived to get better so he could get revenge to those filthy orcs. He trained every day without stopping until he knows he is ready for his most important battle ever.