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When creating a character that is an elf, you should do the following :

Choosing between one of the groups :[]

When the elves were first summoned to Aman by the Valar, they became divided into two groups :

The Eldar and the Avari. The Eldar were the ones who accepted the summons of the Valar and undertook the Great Journey.

The Avari refused the summons and became the lesser elves.

The Eldar are devided in the following sub-groups :

  • Vanyar
  • Noldor
  • Teleri

The Teleri are divided into :

  • Falmari
  • Sindar
  • Nandor

NOTICE : It is not recommended to choose a sub-group which resides in Aman, such as the Vanyar and the Falmari. It might be possible but its not recommend-ded.[]

Get familiar with some general characteristics of the elves :[]

The Elves were the first of the Children of Illuvatar, so they were the firstborn. They are distinguishably different from the other races most notably by the fact that they are immortal.

  1. All Elves are naturally Immortal, they are bound to Arda and are immune to all diseases, they do not age once they have reached maturity, they can recover from deadly wounds (for humans), although they can be slain, they can die of grief or of exhaustion.They also need to eat.
  2. They are all very tall, thier appearance is simlar to the appearance of Men. Elves are unusually beautiful in face and body. Their eyes are usually described as grey. There is little physical difference between males and females.
  3. They also have skills and abilities beyond what is possible for Men, and many can craft seemingly magical objects. They also possess ethereal grace and various other powers.
  4. Elves do not require sleep, they are lightfooted,they can travel long distances without leaving any tracks.
  5. Elves can tell in the eyes and voice of another Elf whether they are married, and it is against an Elf's nature to take another by force; one so forced would reject bodily life and die. They get married only once in thier life.
  6. Their lives were counted to begin at conception rather than birth.They were considered fully-grown at about a century of age.
  7. When Elves die they pass to the Halls of Mandos in Valinor. They can get reincarnated. (Reincarnation details listed in the Character Creation page). However, if an Elf committed evil acts during their lifetime and refused to repent, the Valar could delay the Elf's re-embodiment, impose conditions on it, or refuse it.

The Vanyar :[]

Also called the Fair Elves, Light-elves were the first and smallest of the Kindreds of the Eldar. The Vanyar are the fairest of all the elves hence their name: the Fair Elves. Unlike the others who were attracted to the sea or the building or forging things, the Vanyar culture seemed to revolve about Valar and Valinor. Ingwë was their king.

Characteristics :

  • Locations : Taniquetil & Valmar (Aman)
  • Languages : Quenya (With thier own dialect)
  • Distinctions : Most regarded of the Elven kindreds, loved by Manwë.
  • Hair Color : Golden

The Noldor :[]

or Ñoldor were those of the second clan of the Elves who came to Aman. They were highly skilled in crafts and gained much knowledge, which they passed on to Men after their exile. They were the most skillful of the Clans.

Characteristics :

  • Locations : Aman, Valinor, Beleriand, Lindon, Eregion.
  • Languages : Quenya (Noldorin Quenya)
  • Distinctions : Greatest warriors in Middle-earth, Great skill with gems and metals, were loved by Aulë, they were the proudest of all the elves, they most favor the Sword and the Shield as their weapons of choice.
  • Hair Color : Dark, Sometimes red, even silver and Golden (House of Finarfin as an exception).
  • Eye Color : Grey

The Teleri :[]

They were the third of the Elf clans who came to Aman. The elves of Teleri who came to Aman were known as the Falmari. Those elves that remained in Beleriand were called the Sindar. The ones who left the Great Journey as the Elves reached the Misty Mountains were known as the Nandor.

  • Locations : Valinor, Beleriand, Tol Eressëa, Isle of Balar, Doriath, Edhellond, Mithlond, Lothlórien, Mirkwood.
  • Languages : Common Telerin, Telerin, Sindarin, Nandorin.
  • Distinctions : They adored the seas and the forests, they were known for their fair voice , also they prized silver(telpë) above gold.
  • Hair Color : Dark & silver.

The Falmari :[]

or Teleri of Aman were of the Teleri who arrived in Valinor after the Great Journey. They were situated in Alqualondë and the island of Eressëa.

  • Locations : Alqualondë, Tol Eressëa
  • Languages : Telerin
  • Distinctions : They were good Singers, Mariners, they prized the pearls which they found from the sea.
  • Hair Color : Dark & sometimes Silver.

The Sindar :[]

or The Grey Elves were Elves of Telerin descent who inhabited Beleriand. They are called the Grey Elves perhaps because they never set foot in Valinor. The name that the Sindar used for themselves was simply Edhil (Elves in Sindarin). Their High King was Elu Thingol. Most of the elves who did not wish to leave Middle-Earth during the Second Age retreated to Lindon. Some of them came to the forest realm east of Misty Mountains and became rulers of the Silvan elves.

  • Locations : Falas (the west coast of Beleriand), Doriath, throughout Beleriand, Nan Elmoth.
  • Languages : Sindarin
  • Distinctions : Woodsmen, Good scouts, Good singers and shipbuilders.
  • Hair Color : Usually Dark & sometimes Silver.

The Nandor :[]

were one of the Telerin races of Elves who began the Great Journey but did not complete it. The Nandor were the original elven inhabitants of Middle-earth east of Beleriand. These elves included : the Silvan Elves and the Green Elves who inhabited Ossiriand and Lindon.The people of Lórien were of this kind, as were the Wood-elves of Mirkwood. The Nandor who dwelt in the forests of Middle-Earth were also called the Silvan Elves (Elves of Lothlorien, the Woodland Realm & Ithilien).

  • Locations : Vales of Anduin, Ossiriand, Lindon, Lothlórien, East Lórien, Belfalas, Ithilien and the Woodland Realm. Also Lake Evendim.
  • Languages : Nandorin, Sindarin.
  • Distinctions : They were lovers of the animals and the forests, they also were very secretive.
  • Hair Color : Dark
  • Skin Color : White and also yellowish-green.