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The most important detail about Dwarves is their lineage, as it will influence many of your character's characteristics, so it is advisable that you read a little about the 7 Dwarf houses before creating a dwarf character.

Extra tip: avoid taking on existing characters like Gimli for example, if you want to be a descendant or add the same name to another character, it is totally allowed, but try to learn a little about the original character and his deeds.

First Steps[]

the first thing you should do is choose your character's clan, they are:

  • Longbeards
  • Broadbeams
  • Ironfists
  • Blacklocks
  • Stiffbeards
  • Firebeards
  • Stonefoot
  1. Note that all dwarves, regardless of their clan become grey and/or white when reaching old age.
  2. Those Longbeards of Durin’s Line lived longer than other dwarves of their clan / Those of the line of the other fathers also were long-lived, though not as long as Durin
  3. All dwarves are Short, Stocky Strong with exceptionally strong limbs and sport beards (even the females).
  4. Quite a high number of the Broadbeams die before their natural age expectancy due to corpulence.
  5. When reaching old age the color of the eyes of dwarves often goes dim.
  6. All Dwarves know the secret language of the Dwarves (Khuzdul)


  • Slightly taller than other clans. It is said that they grew higher slightly and every couple of generations, to support their longer beards.
  • Known for their many halls through-out Middle Earth. Great merchants and craftsmen.
  • Usually prefers Mattocks and Axes or swords.
  • Beards are usually never trimmed and grow faster than those of other clans, hence “Longbeards”. Tucking of the beard in ones belt is common. Colorful hats are popular.
  • Has an average height between: 1,43 - 1,55
  • Lifespan: 230-270 Male and 240-280 Female.


  • The Broadbeams, as their name implies in general are especially heavy. They are more stocky even then most dwarves from other clans
  • Greatest armoursmiths of all dwarves.
  • Unlike most dwarves eat 3 full meals a day and are known to drink large amounts of ale while eating.
  • Usually prefers Double-Handed Axes.
  • Beards are either trimmed fairly short, yet kept broad or they are woven into intricate patterns forming “belts” of beard.
  • Has an average height between: 1,34 - 1,46
  • Lifespan: 210-250 Male and 215-255 Female.


  • Stronger in build then most other clans.
  • Extremely war-like and xenophobic Tribe. Rarely trusting others, even those of their own clan at times.
  • Usually prefers Mattocks and any kind of Axe. Usually in heavy double armor and heavy helms.
  • Very sober clothing. Prefer helms to hats, very armor oriented clothing
  • Has an average height between: 1,40 - 1,52
  • Lifespan: 200-240 Male and 205-245 Female.


  • Average Dwarven build
  • Extremely Loyal. Great artists, and renowned jewel makers
  • Heavy armor is often decorated with gems
  • Don't have a preferred weapon, they are the most versatile among Dwarves
  • Blacklocks often use a mixture of coal and black-mud to color their beards a deep black when it naturally turns grey. Often braided into one long and thick rope-like beard, which they decorate with many gems. They also carry heavy amounts of jewelry and often decorate their clothing with gems.
  • Has an average height between: 1,37 - 1,49
  • Lifespan: 220-260 Male and 225-265 Female.


  • Shorter than most clans
  • Peaceful and clever merchants
  • Usually prefers Mattocks and Clubs.
  • The Stiffbeards are known for their strange way of wearing their Beards as long and pointed thorn-like knots
  • Has an average height between: 1,24 - 1,37
  • Lifespan: 225-265 Male and 230-270 Female.


  • Average Dwarven build, yet capable of tremendous display of power.
  • Fearless to the point of foolishness.
  • Supreme Dwarven Smiths, renowned weaponsmiths.
  • Unusual for Dwarfs they sometimes fight with short Stabbing-Swords
  • Are known for their mask shaped helmets
  • Beards are often trimmed, sometimes braded. It is usual for Firebeards to trim their beards so the beards is divided in 2 or 3 “forks”
  • Has an average height between: 1,37 - 1,49
  • Lifespan: 220-260 Male and 225-265 Female.


  • Their feet are quite large and heavy compared to other dwarven clans
  • The most reclusive and silent of all dwarven clans, the location of their halls is a secret for many other clans even
  • Usually prefers mattocks, have been known to use war-hammers
  • They usually wear heavy iron boots to make their feet look even bigger and heavier
  • Has an average height between: 1,37 - 1,49
  • Lifespan: 215-255 Male and 220-260 Female.