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Dunland is a region located on the south-western foothills of the Misty Mountains. The region is the native homeland of the Dunlendings, a hardy pastoral folk who speak many different dialects mostly unknown to the rest of Middle-Earth, due to their isolation. For a brief time, the dwarves of Durin's Folk lived in a small portion of Dunland before leaving to eventually settle in the Blue Mountains; the Stoors (a race of hobbits) lived in the north-west of Dunland for a brief time before moving to colonise the Shire, and they picked up many Dunlendish words and implemented them in their dialect.

History of Dunland:[]

Third age:[]

In the year T.A. 2947, the petty chiefdoms of Dunland became united by their new king Ambiorix. He orginially came from a lesser chiefdom in the north of Dunland, he rose to power thru alliances and betrayals. When he proclaimed himself as the King, he razed down villages who refused to acknowlegde him as King. This and the murder of his smaller brother gave him the nickname; Kinslayer. His reign was short, for he died early in his life because of health issues.

In T.A. 2958 Dormung claimed the throne, for Dormung was of the house of Wulf and by thus the rightful heir. He welcomed refugees from the commune of Bree and improved relations with the rohirrim. And most importantly won a war against Gundabad, beating and removing the orcs from the southern misty mountains. Dormung dissapeared from Dunland after a succesful reign, for unknown reasons.

Around T.A. 2969, the older brother of Ambiorix called Marbod returned to Dunland. He was previously a prisoner in the court of Rohan, but was treated well and sent back when Dormung disappeared to claim the throne. Marbod would be accepted and recognized by the clans of dunland as their new King. (to be continued)


Line of Kings:[]

  1. (ign: Tranun) Ambiorix Gridoc
  2. (ign: Bubliisek) Dormung Wulf
  3. (ign: Tranun) Marbod Gridoc

Dwarves of Dunland:[]

The Dwarves of Dunland were a number of Dwarven clans who inhabited Thrór's coomb in the South Western Misty Mountains along the foothills of Dunland. Most of these Dwarves were of Firebeard descent, but after the fall of Erebor they had been joined by many exiled Longbeards. As Dwarves were masters of integrating in other societies while still staying maintaining their old traditions, many Dwarves spoke with a strong Dunnish accent.