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What are Dungeons?

Dungeons are builds with PvE and parkour, completing them will give you special rewards


a section of level 1 of Uruloki.

The Uruloki Dungeon is a parkour-based dungeon. The dungeon consists of two levels, and at the end of the second you will receive a key which opens a chest full of high tier loot.


a Barrow-Wight harassing the photographer in the Halls of the Dead

Similar to the Uruloki Dungeon, Dunharrow is found in the adventure hub. Once you click the sign, you will be teleported to the foothills of the White Mountains. Follow the paved path, and follow the clues until you reach the dungeon. The interior of the dungeon is not as simple as the path leading up to it. Once inside, you will have to fight off barrow-wights while navigating the labyrinth-esque halls of the dead. After some simple parkour, you will reach the final boss. The boss will cost two thousand coins to summon, but the loot will be worth it. Similar to Uruloki, after completion you will receive a key which you can redeem behind the adventure hub area in spawn.

Balgorath Dungeon

The parkour segment of the Balgorath dungeon.

Lastly, the Balrogath Dungeon is set in a segment of the Mines of Moria, and can also be entered via the adventure hub. Upon arrival, you are prompted to head through a cobbled mountain path, following beacons eastward until you reach a small nook marked atop with the final beacon. There will be a sign prompting you to click in order to enter the dungeon. Entering the dungeon proper, you will be greeted with a large cave-like area in which parkour shall be your only way through; after completing this segment of the dungeon, yet another sign will enable you to enter the Balrog Hall. Once you enter the hall, you will encounter the first boss, Thenzel. After defeating him, you will unlock the second, Fenrir. Defeating Fenrir and Thenzel will grant you tokens that allow you to unlock the final boss, the Balrog. Once you defeat the Balrog, you will receive a Balrogath Key, which you can redeem at the adventure hub at spawn.

Where can I find them?

The Adventure Hub! just right click on the sign of the dungeon you wish to visit! The adventure hub is an area in spawn, not too far from the /sw location.


What are the rewards?

Upon completion, each dungeon rewards the user with a key that opens the corresponding chest. These chests have considerably better loot than regular weapons. The chests are located next to the adventure hub.

Dungeon crates