Ancar Network Wiki

Duel General Rules[]

In the event of a breach of these rules, the transgressor will be punished.

The battle takes place in a specially chosen location (usually at the PvP arena), without armies, only 2 players will fight. The combatants must represent the deployment of belonging. We recommend choosing the best player in PvP of your side for this type of battle. Any player (including the king) of the belonging group can offer himself as a fighter, it is up to the king of the side to choose the participant.

Characteristics []

  • The place where the Duel will take place will only be reached a few moments before the start of the battle.
  • This type of battle provides small area where the two opponents will fight.
  • The battle area can be recommended to the Staff, who will assess whether or not to accept the advice.
  • The area of ​​the battle must not have traps or strategic defenses that favor one of the sides. It is forbidden the use of the quagmire (or quicksand), all possible and imaginable traps are forbidden, it is forbidden to create any kind of ditches, it is forbidden to use lava, incendiary bombs, normal bombs and khamul-fire in pre-established points, fire pots, various liquids, water. The use of invasion horns, and tauredain darts is forbidden.
  • All the items, including armor and weapons, are brought autonomously by each participant.
  • Once dead, you can not return to the battlefield for any reason.
  • Once dead, you can not get back the items that you had in battle, save the rare case in which your friend still alive take them.
  • Special weapons must be handed over to their rightful owners, even if they died in battle.
  • The Duel ends when the hero of one of the two sides dies first, proclaiming the other winner.