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Server History:[]

Not much is known about Dol Guldur due to the Fact that no old Members are active. For sometime the ancient Nazgûl called Mairon lived in that fortress. After a while, Emperor_Nathan became first King of Dol Guldur. He has been a rich Player and was very powerful until after his Coronation, which he missed and he disappeared after that.

Then Dol Guldur got a new King called "The_General". He has created a major city in Dol Guldur named "Vadokan Ciavausan", which means "Dead City." He has colonized the land under the crown of Dorwinion, making Dol Guldur the first colony of Dorwinion. This formed the "The Dor en Anbor y Ithil Empire" (Dorwinion's Empire). The Kingdom of Dol Guldur served under Emperor Rainbow_Tree. Dol Guldur primarily supplied The Dor en Anbor y Ithil Empire with manpower, ale, morgul shrooms & orc drought.

Duinor usurped the Rainbow_Tree's throne and took the control of the First Dorwinion Empire (Dor en Anbor y Ithil). Duinor decided to abandon Dol Guldur, which lead to it becoming an independent country, causing the fall of Dor en Anbor y Ithil.

Dol Guldur is currently lead by The_General, although he is a very inactive ruler. Even though Dol Guldur is an evil faction it isn't in Dark Legion. Without a faction ruler or any active members, the faction is at risk of being attacked by the Wood Elves. Although currently a few players have shown interest in overthrowing the current inactive ruler.

The faction has long been inactivated on the server, and only once again did something relevant, as DLE reform began, MainTeemoTank assumed the role of Nazgul, and quickly became king of the faction, initiating a reform process and expansion, in addition to finally making the faction join the Dark legion Empire.

Lore History[]

Dol Guldur (Hill of Sorcery) is the Hill-Fort in Southern Mirkwood, in which the Dark Lord Sauron housed as a Spirit and was disguised as a Necromancer during the Quest of Thorin's Company, but after the White Council heard of this "Necromancer", they proceeded to attack Dol Guldur and Sauron was driven out back to Mordor.

After the War in the North and the War of the Ring, Dol Guldur was sieged by the Galadhrim of Lóthlorien, and Galadriel, the Lady of Lórien, has razed the Fortress to the ground with her Powers, and so many of the Galadhrim have settled there and the Hill was known as Amon Lanc from that point in History.


Third Isengard War[]

  • Battle: 14/12/2019
  • Participants: MainTeemoTank (King)
  • Side: Defenders
  • Note: War ended with the victory of DLE after gondorians surrendered.