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Desert provinces are above all, like regular provinces, split up regions on the map which can be colonized, conquered and traded. Where things differ is the fact that Desert Provinces are much bigger and have specific rules regarding how they are colonized and what is allowed in battles within them.

Desert Province Colonization[]

Colonizing a desert province requires building a unique settlement on provinces bordering the desert and then engaging in a new battle type to gain control of deeper areas. Essentially factions do not actually settle there, they simply gain military presence there that functions the same as colonizing.

This new battle involves only NPC armies, with one being controlled by the player undertaking the colonization and the other by a staff member.


The settlement must be built on a province bordering the desert.


Colonization Battle[]

The desert battle takes place between the colonizing player's army and an opposing NPC army. It is the responsibility of the colonizing player to create their own army, which will then engage in combat against an enemy force of predetermined size. Within the battle the player may not interact with the enemy NPC'S except by

  • His NPC army
  • Command horns
  • Sword of Command


He will be facing a staff member in vanish controlling a predetermined army by only using command horns and spawn eggs.

Enemy Army Composition[]

The opposing army that the colonizing player must face typically consists of nomadic forces, reflective of the desert environment. These nomadic troops may be supplemented by additional challenges,

such as encounters with desert scorpions or other desert-dwelling creatures. The size of the enemy force is directly proportional to the distance of the desert province from the nearest non-desert colonized tile under the control of the same nation. As the colonizing player aims to colonize deeper into the desert, the number of troops required to fight increases accordingly.

Player battles[]

For battles within these desert provinces the following rules will be enforced, also found in Battle Rules.

If in contrast with other rules these take priority when fighting in the desert.

13. Desert battle Rules (click)

13.1 • All sides have to use camels as mounts.
13.2 • No one may wear chestplates and boots as armor
13.3 • No one may place or remove water