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Note: Dark Legion Empire (DLE) is an old empire and does not exist anymore

Empire Formation[]

After the fall of the former Sauron hyperkillerTv, CeryusBusiness took over the throne of Mordor and became new Sauron.

His first act as the new Dark Lord was to dissolve the old empire of the Servants of Sauron, and to gather all the evil factions under his command thus forming The Dark Legion.

The Empire Power[]

The empire quickly gained a lot of strength, with the old factions being reformed, and for the first time the nine Nazgûl Roles were taken.

The factions:[]

  • The Riders Of Angmar - led by Witch King, Angmar is in the process of rallying its forces after the lost wars to Artheloth. Angmar's main goal at the moment is to keep its territory safe.
  • The Regiments of Dol Guldur - Dol Guldur has reinforced its borders, the faction was set aside after the last king's departure, and after the change in the rules of colonization of the server, Dol Guldur needed new structures, as the old ones fled the rule, Already within the first weeks of the new empire, Dol Guldur already colonized new provinces, and sent players to assist Mordor in the war against Gondor.
  • The Wildmen of Dunland - The faction remains in the background, as there is no risk of attack, and its position on the map is not favorable to war.
  • The Hosts of Gundabad  - The members of Gundabad could not be given a better name as they are the only faction that lost nothing or anyone with the reformulation of the empire, Gundabad is being one of the most important factions in empire reform as the faction's reserves they were full, and your leader is willing to give in whatever it takes to help the rising factions.
  • The Half-trolls of Pertorogwaith - The faction lacked a king, who obtained it as soon as his former king take the post of Nazgul and returned to power.
  • The Battalions of Isengard - led by Saruman, the faction struggles to regain its former territory, with the full support of the empire, and the experience of its leader.
  • The Legions of Mordor - led by Sauron, the faction only gained from the reform, as within a few weeks some fortresses were erected, and the number of players in the faction grew exponentially, at the moment the faction seeks to defend itself against Gondor's attacks.
  • The Southrons of Near Harad / The Corsairs of Umbar - Without a leader, both factions are seen as one in the eyes of some, because the faction's territory is very close and weak, the faction has been counting on the empire's help to defend its borders, and to prevent Gondor from reaching the south-east of the continent.
  • The Easterlings of Rhúdel - With the departure of its last leader, the faction does not have a king, but has some players working in its territory, Rhúdel has a great force in wars, mainly in sieges, since it has the possibility of using Khamûl Fire, although not taking great risks in military affairs, Rhúdel has strengthened its borders, and colonized southward.

that order collapsed after a few weeks, but the empire remained strong.

Roles and Artifacts:[]

Player Role Artifacts Bound Artifacts Ruler
Akalii Sauron Orcrist Mace Of Sauron Mordor
AntistarLord Witch-King Murazor -- Witch-King Sword

Ring of the Witch King

Xavron Khamûl Anduril Nazgûl Ring ---
TheBetaOwl Hoarmurath Dwarven Ring - Manthrif Nazgûl Ring ---
GekleurdPotloodje Ji Indur --- Nazgûl Ring ---
Mati_429 Khorahil Axe Of Durin Nazgûl Ring Gondor
termix1111 Uvathar --- Nazgûl Ring ---
Fvaltrock Ren Herugrim Nazgûl Ring ---
RamboG13 Adûnabeth --- Nazgûl Ring Dol Guldur
bluekiller87 Dwar Aranrúth Nazgûl Ring ---
HogoBojo Saruman --- Staff Of Saruman Isengard
Lotrsux --- Lesser Ring --- ---
_Morgan --- Lesser Ring --- ---
Kenzo88 --- Ring of the House of Andúnië --- ---