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Dead Empire[]


The Dark Legion, is an Empire created by Sauron III (DragonMaster) who in the times of lost hope for most Dark Nations united them into a single body, Which was mobilized and prepared for revenge. The Empire existed for quite a long while and became very strong. But then Saruman II (KeyLime17) and Askallon (Rambo) betrayed Sauron III (hyperkillertv). They were expelled from the Empire and became enemies of the Empire. Sauron III decided he wanted to change. Thus DLE became The Servants of Sauron. So the information below is from when the Empire was still Dark Legion and is outdated.


Dark Legion formed with Angmar, Gundabad, Isengard and then Mordor as its Head. Dragon (Sauron at the time) has lead DLE to many battles which were defeats in most cases, the Empire was still weak compared to its rival SDE and its Allies.

After all the losses Dragon resigned from his position and gave it over to HyperkillerTv, the next Sauron to lead with an Iron Fist. DLE suffered a lot of losses even in his rule but over time new Factions came to join this Empire: Haradhrim and its Tribes, Rhudel, and Dol Guldur. And later a smaller Tribal Nation of Black Uruks.

After this new Nation of Black Uruks formed, and Saruman becoming Commander, DLE started standing its chances against the Free Peoples, though the Empire is falling into a standstill as the Dark Council gets ever more distant with Sauron and his decisions, and with Saruman being kicked off the Council tensions splitting the Empire started to form.

Factions Involved[]

Name Leader Capital Primary DLE Rank
Mordor Sauron (HyperKillerTv) (None) Empire Head
Angmar WitchKing (HogoBojo) Carn Dum Defacto Second In Command
Gundabad Lurtz (TheBigDoc22) The Warren Second Commander of Conflict
Isengard Saruman (KeyLime17) Orthanc First Commander of Conflict
Dol Guldur Askallon (RamboG13) Dol Guldur Council Member
Half Trolls Balkazad (Emerald_Minestar) Hartorogost Council Member
Black Uruks Vendetta_V (Banned) (None) Undefined
Umbar OnionBoy (Inactive) (None) Undefined
Haradhrim Kevin (Inactive) (None) Undefined
Gulfen Vernon (Inactive) Al-Jawad Undefined
Nomads (None/Inactive) Abba Hawhid Undefined
Rhudel Vegen (Inactive) Mize Undefined
Alahmar McGyver (Inactive) (None) Undefined
Morwaith (None) Ulundi Undefined

Form of Governance[]


DLE is led by the Dark Council, mainly made up of Nazguls, Faction Leaders and Sauron Himself

The Council makes all the decisions for the Empire but if Sauron sees the Decision going against his will he can immediately stop it. The Council is in secret and only reveals its plans when they are in motion to the rest of the Empire

War Policies[]

DLE members are required to serve in war, The Empire sees all its members as one, if a faction attacks one of us its attacking all of us.


Note: Not all wars are remembered correctly. And the top one is the most recent one.

Second Conquest for the South[]

This war is the Half trolls making a quick push into the jungles of the south, with the first battle being led by Saruman, and along with Dol Guldur, Mordor and a Dwarven Volunteer the enemy forces were pinned on their Fortress, the battle was on a steep hill where Saruman commanded to start digging into the mountain until the Orc hordes spilled out from underneath the enemy. The Enemy Forces for this battle were made up from Gondorians, Elven/ Northmen Corsairs and Rogue Angmar Tribes. The Fort was taken quickly after the tunnels were made and then the Enemies jumped off the Fort and were run down by the Empires Forces

While the First battle was a Duel between a Taurethrim Loyalist and a Mordor Champion watched over by the Valar.

Third? or maybe Fifth, War for Fords of Isen[]

This war is hard to remember, for it was too a swift victory, The enemies holed up themselves in a tavern, fortifying it with crude stone walls that quickly fell to the enemy, this was only the second battle, the First battles was a slaughter to the enemy.

The First battle, the enemy hid on a hill with their main body hiding in a small pit on top, Saruman at the time came with a Brilliant strategy of equipping his Bombers with Powerful Fire Explosives that caused massive losses for the enemy, afterwards the Enemy fell quickly.

War in Dol Guldur[]

Ima continue Later