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Dúrlan Lianélis was the childhood friend of Aerendyl Númerión, the 2 trained together when they were kids. Aerendyl was an expert in using the swords and was quickly acknowledged by the higher Captains and Lords of Lórien. Aerendyl even had the chance to duel the well known High Captain of the Golden Woods; Haldir.

Dúrlan was slightly too young to have this opportunity. After Aerendyl had faced Haldir, he was sent to Mirkwood to train with the Wood Elves of the Woodland Realm. After that moment Dúrlan never saw his good friend ever again.

After a lot of hard training, Dúrlan too had the opportunity to challenge Haldir. Aerendyl lost his first battle against the Elven Captain, but Dúrlan was a wise Elf and used his surroundings for his advantage. He won that battle, one of the few Elves who could win against Haldir in the first battle.

Dúrlan was after that battle not sent to Mirkwood, as Celeborn thought he would find his skill in his knowledge. Celeborn then suggested to him that Lindon would be a wise decision for the young Elf.