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Custom factions (sub-factions) are player made kingdoms which rely on established LOTR-mod factions for items, alignment and NPCs.

Before its foundation, each sub-faction requires the approval of the main faction (like North Dunedain for Artheloth) from which the custom faction will rely in items/banners/alignment/units.

When a sub-faction gets inactive, his /kingdom will automatically disappear from the Kingdoms list (/k list).

For a custom faction to be counted as active it must have at least two members that meet the required activity . (12h in one activity cycle)

When a custom faction does not meet the required activity, it is warned and gets one more activity cycle to meet the requirements., his territories will automatically become Uncolonized , meaning no one owns them and they could get claimed by other factions with a simple colonization without need of war.

How to create a custom faction/sub-faction

Players can create a Custom Faction only if they meet these requirements:

  • 2 Players (You and another) must be the founders of the faction, one will become the King.
  • The founders need to be active and part of a Dynasty. If you don't have one, create it.
  • Find a Province that's not owned by other Factions; see Map.
  • Build a recognized village, colony or encampment & a city settlement in the free province, and claim it.
  • Choose what faction use (you can choose only one) for faction's items (armor, weapons, banners, etc).
  • Your custom faction needs the approval of the faction from which you will use items.
  • Pay a Colonization Point to Staff.
  • The story of the faction, if it doesn't exist in the LOTR Universe already, has to be approved by the Admins.

If you respect all the points above, you can ask the Admin to create the faction. These things will happen:

  • Your faction will obtain a wiki page and a /kingdom.
  • The King of the faction will get the title "King", in absence of a /k then also the surname "Of <kingdom name>".
  • The province you bought will get assigned to your sub-faction.
  • Province map will show your faction's borders.
  • The King will obtain the rank "Ruler" in the servers Discord.

Last Update: Telchar 12/03/2021