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Cults are a system of religious veneration and devotion directed towards a particular figure or object.

Over the years, some users felt the need to increase the realism and interaction with this virtual world. This has given rise to numerous beliefs which, over time, have had periods of prosperity and decline, with some even fading into obscurity. This page contains all information regarding cults that one might need.

How to create a cult

You need to fulfil these requirements

  • Make good lore about your cult.
  • Have an existing page about the cult on the wiki.
  • Link your cult to this page.

After you're done with these, you can link your cult page to this page.

Notes when editing cults

A cult page should have

  • Information regarding the religion itself: for example how it started, who the founder(s) were, ect.
  • Notable worshippers taken from the character cards.

Religions and cults still professed today

Religions and cults no longer professed