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"... all that were left fled to the hills at the rumour of the coming of the King of the Dead." - The Return of the King, Chapter II: "The Passing of the Grey Company"

In the later years of the Second Age, he and his men also served and worshiped Sauron, until he and his army found Gondor. Isildur was the King of Gondor at that time. The King of the Dead made an oath to fight on Isildur's side when Isildur needed him, but when Isildur needed him most he did not come. Isildur cursed the King of the Dead and his army. As a result, the King of the Dead and his followers could not rest until his oath was fulfilled.

In the late Third Age, the king and his army fought with Aragorn and the Grey Company during the War of the Ring, after Aragorn passed through Dwimorberg and summoned them at the Stone of Erech. The Army of the Dead then followed Aragorn to Pelargir, where they defeated the Corsairs of Umbar. Aragorn, as Heir of Isildur, subsequently declared the oath of the Army of the Dead as fulfilled. Upon hearing this, the king broke his spear and threw it aside then bowed to Aragorn, turned away, and with the rest of his people "vanished like a mist that is driven back by a sudden wind," never to be seen again.

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Crown of the Undead King