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Note: This Empire is dead and no longer exists. It used to consist of Isengard and Half-Trolls as their only vassal. The Empire was created by Saruman (KeyLime17) and was a Federation. The Federation rotated leadership of the Federation since there weren't enough factions to vote on a leader. Sauron III (DragonMaster) saw Saruman as a traitor for creating an Empire with the Half-Trolls instead of joining Dark Legion. Eventually Chieftain Hogo, the faction leader of Half-Trolls at the time got independence which led to Lime giving up on the Empire and disbanding it.

Federation History:[]

This Republic was ruled by a Chancellor, the Federation rotated the ruler of the Federation, since there wasn't enough factions for votes to take place. The Empire started as "The Crebain Federation", then became "The Mercenary Republic". The Mercenary Republic would give out their armies for the highest bidder. Although this upset Sauron since Saruman fought on the side of good in a war against him. This Republic used to have the Half-Trolls as their vassal, but they granted them independence as they had too much backing and would succeed in a war of independence. Once the Half-Trolls got their independence it became "The Crebain Federation" once more. Since the Half-Trolls decided to abandon the unity to further their own ideology, the Federation ended up disbanding. The Federation was disbanded by Chancellor Saruman (KeyLime17) on 2018-06-19. Lime decided to make Isengard part of the Dark Legion instead of trying to find another faction to be his vassal.