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In the event of a breach of these rules, the transgressor will be punished.

General Rules

Conquered Settlement

  • Once a certain recognized settlement is conquered in a war of conquest, if the settlement is able to produce a certain amount of influence points, the settlement's production will go into the conqueror's total production.
  • Conquering a recognized settlement does not mean taking control of claims, unless stated otherwise. As it would be a theft, but it means placing a dominion over a certain settlement, which will then be obligated to give the settlement's production to the conqueror faction.

Making cities in conquered provinces

A faction can only found new recognized settlements in their natural biomes, if the settlement will be taken by another faction the resources of the settlement will be going to the faction who has taken it.

For example: If Gundabad takes a province in the Iron Hills and build a recognized city in the Iron Hills, it'll produce resources for Gundabad. But if Durin's Folk will take that province, the cities claims will be going to Durin's Folk since it's in their natural biome.

Other example: If Durin's Folk manages to conquer a province of Gundabad which is in Gundabad's natural biome and there is a recognized city, Gundabad doesn't lose the city.

Province transfer

This is outdated. Doesn't apply any longer.

You can transfer your provinces to another factions if each of the two factions agree.

The province can be transfered ONLY if it border that faction.

In order to complete the transfer, you need to pay 1 Influence Point.