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The Commonwealth of Rhovanion and otherwise known as simply Rhovanion or The Commonwealth is a federation to the north of Middle-Earth with three constituent states. The Commonwealth borders Erebor and the Dwarves to the north, the Misty Mountains and Lothlórien to the west and Rhudel to the south and southeast. Rhovanion was formed after a joint agreement by King Bard III Barding(Styled King of Dale, Rhovanion and the Bight) and King Thranduil II(Styled King of Greenwood and Amon Lanc) to unify under one banner: That of a united North.

In VA 140 the Beornings sought and were given entry under King Thorbeorn II(Styled King of the Beornings and the Vales of the Anduin) marking a period of growth for the Commonwealth itself.

In more recent times, the Kingdom of Dorwinion to the south under Yami_Scar(Styled King of the Elves and Men of Dorwinion) sought and were given entry into the Commonwealth.

The Commonwealth encompasses many ethnicities and peoples, most notably the Barding Dalishmen, the men and elves of Dorwinion and the Silvan Elves and Middlemen of Rhovanion as well as the Beornings of the Vale.

Their main trade partners are Durin's Folk and Rhûdel; they are enemies with none, but have made numerous non-military agreements with the regional powers. The capitals of the Commonwealth are at the cities of Felegoth, The Vintner Court, Esgaroth and Baerenburh for the Woodland Realm, Dorwinion, Dale and the Beornings respectively.

King Neithoron of the Woodland Realm declared himself the Emperor of all Rhovanion during a weaker point in the Commonwealth's history - without the ability to resist, and hoping that Neithoron's rule would prove to be sufficiently beneficial for all the constituents of the Commonwealth, the realms of the Commonwealth did not rise in insurrection against him.

Such was the order of things for some years before the balance of power shifted yet again - the Dorwinhrim had grown strong, and the Dalishmen were now spearheaded by a reinvigorated and feverish new revolutionary government ready to prove itself on the regional stage. After an exceptionally draconian edict was passed by Neithoron in VA 188, the states of Dorwinion and Dale rose in revolt and rapidly mobilised for war - in a month, the Woodland Realm had fallen and Neithoron fled the country. His nobles and collaborators were massacred en masse by the victors, with the most prominent of his ministers being spared from death itself - in an act of mercy, the Strategos Arenelyya of Dorwinion ordered for their eyes to be gounged out and for them to be imprisoned for the rest of their long lives, instead. The united Dalish-Dorwinhrim army subsequently installed a new ruler on the throne - a puppet(at least in theory) Emperor by the name of Erick Barding, of the Dalish royal line in Proudhaven. Under his orders, a new constitution was written, but repeated offenses and breachings of the constitution at the hands of multiple parties would invariably shake the foundations of the now-fragile commonwealth.

After Erick Barding was assassinated in VA 189, his son Valdemar succeeded him. Tensions grew between him and the two mannish States that had put his father on the throne, and the risk of a full-fledged war almost exploded when Proudhaven was sieged due to his signature on a non voted Second Act of Constitution. The matter, though, was solved peacefully, and ended with the promulgation of a Third Act of Constitution, more democratic, decentralized and focused on the Council.

Empire Structure[]

Administration Section


Explanation of internal rules: The Administration of Rhovanion is centralised in the Emperor and the Emperor's Cabinet

Ruler Section[]

Non-Elected Emperor

Volunteers Section[]

Volunteering Disallowed.

Explanation of internal rules: Nobody may volunteer without Emperor's permission

Constitution of the Commonwealth[]