Ancar Network Wiki

Main commands

Typing /ancarhelp can get you started with main commands for the server. It has 4 pages of commands. Here you can find a list of useful commands and links.

Ancar Help (Page 1)

Page 1
Command What it does
/donate Link to the Donation Panel
/wiki Link to Ancar Wiki
/discord Invite to our discord community
/website Link to the Ancar Website
/army Link to Battalion Rules and Units Points
/map Link to Ancar Provinces Map
/cr Teleport to warp Choose The Race (Man, Elf, Dwarf, Orc, Troll)
/allies Display link to Alliances page

Ancar Help (Page 2)

Page 2
Command What it does
/convert Convert coins to bank money
/coin <number> Convert bank money to x100 coins
/cults Link for Ancar Cults
/rn <nick> Displays a players real username
/ping Display your ping (If higher than 100=lag)

Ancar Help (Page 3)

Page 3
Command What it does
/trophy Open trophies menu
/keys Interface where to buy keys (Doing /vote and and rating our server rewards you with a vote key)
/scrap Convert Epic or Uncommon artifact to Scrolls Box
/class reset confirm Reset your race (Warning: If you reset your race you lose all your levels)
/class profess <race> Join a different race
/rp Roleplay chat, only works in a range of 200 blocks
/sw Teleport to middle-earth spawn

Ancar Help (Page 4)

Page 4
Command What it does
/cpl Set up a pledge cooldown of 140h
/cplr Reset your pledge cooldown
/captainpoint Display points required to buy captains
/captain <name> Obtain a captain egg in exchange of a captain point
/alignreset <faction name> Reset aligment of a specific faction for 10k coins
/invite <code> Redeem a specific bonus code
/plore <line 1 - 3> <lore text> Customize a weapon lore for 10k coins

Race Commands

Command What it does
/race Opens menu which displays player's attributes and info
/class attr Assign attribute points
/archery Open archery attribute menu
/knowledge Open knowledge attribute menu
/reshape Changes shape of an item
/reforge Upgrades common tier items to uncommon tier

Recognized Structure Commands

Command What it does
/fa holding <faction> List of all settlements owned by a faction
/fa prov <faction> List of all settlements within a province
/fa tp Teleport you to the Military Base (Faction rank requires the Military-TP permission)

Claiming Commands

Commands that have to do with player claims.

Claim Commands
Command What it does
/claimslist Shows the location of your claims and their size
/abandonallclaims Disbands all your claims
/trust [player] Grants a player permission to your claim
/PermissionTrust [player] Grants a player permission to add others to your claim

Horse Commands

Commands involving horses.

Horse Commands
Command What it does
/horse list <player> Display horse list of x player
/horse inspect Display currently mounted horse data
/horse claim Claim a new horse
/horse abandon <ID> Abandon your horse
/horse call Summon your horse
/horse dismiss Send away your horse
/horse info <ID> Display stats of x horse

Ancar Market Commands

Commands for the Ancar Market.

Market Commands
Command What it does
/market create Creates a new market
/market save Save market after edit
/market delete Purge your market data

Other commands

Party Commands
Command What it does
/party create <name> Create a new party
/party join <player> Join a players party
/party quit Leave your current party
/party chat Toggle Party Chat
/party invite <player> Send party invite
/party accept Accept party invite
/party teleport <player> Teleport to party member
/party See party information
New Party Commands (For Abilities)
Command What it does
/pt Party Commands Menu
/pt accept Accepts a party request
/pt decline Declined a party request
/pt info Views party information
/pt invite <player> Invites a player to a party
/pt leave Leaves your party
/pt message <message> Sends a message to your party
/pt toggle Toggles party chat on/off
Souldbound Commands
Command What it does
/soulbound <bind or b> Soulbind an item
/recover Get your soulbound back in case you lost it
Other Commands
Command What it does
/bal See amount of money in your bank
/baltop <page> See leaderboard of all players banks
/tpa <player> Send a teleport request to a player you want to teleport to
/tpahere <player> Send a teleport request to a player you want to teleport to your location
/tpaccept Accept a players request to teleport
/tpdeny Deny a players request to teleport
/warp train 1/2 Teleport to a train area where you can fight players and don't lose items when you die
/warp crates Teleport to crates which you can use your keys on
/list List of players online and their rank