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What is the Colonization System

Each Race has it's own settlement used for colonization, build it and ask for recognition if a staff agrees the requirements (meaning it has to look good and follow the specific requirements noted on the pages) when you've successfully done that, you have to pay a Colonization Point to Staff.

Only Dwarves can colonize and build settlements in mountains, Gundabad can only colonize Misty Mountains.

Colonizing across Land

Provinces which aren't Part of a Faction and are ruled by no one, can be annexed with these Requirements:

  • The Province MUST be unowned
  • The Province must border your Faction
  • You need to build a Recognized Settlement in the Province (Each race has their own settlement used for colonization)

Province Exchange

A province can be exchanged for another province if the two factions which wish to exchange border. Province exchange is limited to 1:1, 2:2, 3:3 ect. transfers. Such an exchange costs 1 Colonization Point per province transferred. (1:1 - 1 CP;2:2 - 2 CP ect.)

In order to exchange a province you must write in #roleplay_stories about the exchange. A successful exchange will be announced in #colonization_recognitions like in the example below:

Province x (Faction x) <---> Province y (Faction y) #roleplay-stories

Province x now belongs to y.

Province y now belongs to x.

An updated version of the official map with the exchanged provinces will be available asap.

Oversea Colonization

To travel the sea, your port must have:

  • 1 transport ship per sea province that you need to cross to reach your destination. (Minimum 5 blocks wide and 17 long, with at least 8 chests, 1 crafting table, 2 barrels and 4 beds inside.)

Once you have enough ships to reach your destination you need to build another settlement with a port in the target province.

If staff checks your fleet and recognized both settlements the province is yours.

Uncolonizable lands

The uncolonizable provinces are noted without a number on the ancar map.

Uncolonizable Lands
  • Mordor Mountains
  • Forodwaith Mountains
  • Harad Volcanos
  • Jungle Mountains
  • Wind Mountains

Already colonized uncolonizable lands will be returned to neutral state.

Restricted colonization

Certain lands can only be colonized or owned by Gundabad and Dwarves

  • Misty and Angmar Mountains
  • White Mountains
  • Grey Mounts
  • Harad Mounts
  • Red Mounts
  • Blue Mounts
  • Iron Hills (any province with such biome, EX. glittering caves)
  • Erebor

In the case of war waged by a foreign power against such restricted colonization province, in the attempt such war gets won by an invader which is not gundabad nor any other dwarves faction, the specific province will automatically become UNCOLONIZED (since none beside Gundabad and Dwarves can own such provinces).

The previous owner of such province (either Gundabad or Dwarves) won't be able to colonize the lost territory back for 2 weeks, and after such cooldown they will be asked to pay 2 Colonization Points instead of one.

There are 2 provinces which can get colonized by non-dwarven factions or non-Gundabad factions. These provinces are 104 and 109 (High Pass and Moria). These provinces have a way through the mountains thus they are able to get conquered or colonized by any faction.

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