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The mystique of Harad has astonished many an outside viewer or traveller - whether it be the hordes of mumakil that march north on occasion, or the bustling bazaars and hospitable folk, the folk of the south have been known to shock and amaze. The common conception of the northerner when viewing Harad is that they are one nation, one people. This, of course, can never be more erroneous an assumption.

Harad's general image, bazaars, exotic nature and all, is mostly if not entirely represented by the powerful and prosperous sultanate of the Coast Southrons. Masters of trade, commerce and architecture, the civilised haradrim of the coastline have long been a key player in southron politics, and could be considered a regional power as such. Their bustling towns attract all manner of migrants, merchants and men of war, earning them vast measures of gold and precious jewels. While some to the north may consider them "evil" men, they merely seek retribution for past actions, a justifiable cause. Either way, their hosts march north every once in a while, a sea of scarlet and gold, to wrest control of contested northern territories.

The Haradrim are currently ruled by nobody, and this has been the case for a very long time. If anybody could control the forgotten Haradrim people, they could dominate the region.


➡ King Kevin (Early September 2018 - November 2019)

➡Sultan Adunaphel (November 2019 - July2020)

Location and Territory:[]

The Coast Southrons are centralised and comprise of many settled tribes and emirates, all of which obey the Sultan. They own lands from the Nomadic desert-territories to the south, the mountains to their east, all the way to the savage tribes of Harnedor to the north.