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Fort/City points or City/Fort points


Points used to limit how many Cities/Forts a faction can have. The main principal of this feature is to make it harder to defend a larger faction and to add aspects of tactics in placing cities and forts at strategically important positions.

Important to know[]

  • Each recognized city/fort takes away 1 CIty/Fort point from your faction's balance.
  • A faction can activate/deactivate cities or forts in order to get a point back into the faction's balance.
  • Every faction with 5 provinces or less has a default balance of 5. This balance scales by adding 0.5 points for every next province. (Faction has 6 provinces = 5.5 points)
  • Cities and forts may only be deactivated/reactivated if the province the city/fort is in is not at war.
  • Every City/Fort in Kingdoms Holdings with full info is considered recognized and able to be used, staff will update the google sheet periodically.
  • The province count of a faction also gets updated periodically.
  • Every activation/deactivation of a city/fort has to be made via a ticket, you may put multiple cities/forts per ticket.
  • A city is considered deactivated/activated once it is updated in the sheets below.

Additional Explanation for Sheets[]

  • WORTH - a reference value used for the formula. Is always 1.
  • DEACTIVATED - variable value used for the formula. If settlement is deactivated value is -1. If settlement is activated value is 0. Default value upon recognition is 0.
  • TOTAL - value calculated by the following criterium: If province count is <5 TOTAL always = 5. If province count is >5 TOTAL gets increased by 0.5 for every province after 5 (6 provinces = 5.5 points)
  • AVAILABLE - value calculated by deducting activated/deactivated Cities/Forts. Sum of all WORTH values of a faction minus all DEACTIVATED values of a faction.

Important Links[]

Simplified Points Table

  • Only shows a simplified table displaying: Total Points, Available Points, Province Count and base value for every faction.

Full Points Table, City/Fort List & Province Count

  • Displays everything a player or staff member may need regarding City/Fort Points.
  • It is separated into 2 pages; First page is province count, where staff updates the amount of provinces a faction has. And the second page which displays every City/Fort a faction has, alongside important info like, activation/deactivation and a counting table just like the one in the simplified table.