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Cassimir Engoria was a High King of the Middle Arnorian Empire, second of its line down from Halbarad of the Tower Hills. He was a member of the long-lived Engorian clan of Dorwinion, the son of Arginon II Engoria(Former Archon and Basileus). A capable man, known for his honour, chivalrous conduct and prowess in battle, he aided Halbarad in the ultimate rise of Arnor. When Halbarad abdicated in the aftermath of the Arnorian-Angmarim war, in which the North Downs were annexed and overrun by the Angmarim hordes. Cassimir held no blood relations with Halbarad, but as Halbarad abdicated with no named heir Cassimir was chosen for the role, some claiming that Halbarad indeed sought that. For many years, Cassimir Engoria ruled fairly and effectively, consolidating influence over territories and enacting effective policies - that is, until his archnemesis, Amandil of Gondor, began a audacious assault on Arnor via pretext of Cassimir's administration plotting with Dale to supplant Gondor. In a resounding defeat off Tharbad, Cassimir fled for his life back to Fornost, only a remnant of his army left to him. Arnor was undone. The Gondorians sacked the territories south of the Gwathlo and returned south, crushing the Arnorian economy and morale...the once-great empire that reigned over the north soon crumbled into dust, the Northern Dunedain again vanishing into the shadows. Cassimir Engoria grew depressed, as his predeccessor had done, and abdicated; he fled to Dorwinion and remained there for the rest of his life, until he dissappeared in the year 423 of the fourth age. Where he had went, and whether he was alive as of now, remains a mystery.