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Blue Dwarves Lore:[]

The Dwarves were created by Aulë, who was referred to Mahal (Maker). During the First Age, around a century after the Elves were created, the Seven Fathers of Dwarves were woken. Each of these dwarves set out to make their own clan. Each of them succeeded and ended up becoming King of their own clan. One of those seven dwarves built his Kingdom in the Blue mountains. Dwarves are some of the greatest miners and jewelers in Middle Earth. They dug out entire mountains, and built huge halls, rooms, and more. Since the dwarves were so good at mining, and constantly doing it they were rich in precious materials. Some of the materials they are rich in are: gold, iron, copper, silver, and silver.

Server History:[]

In the past, the Blue Mountain dwarfs were led by King Dwalin (blackorigin), but after he passed away the kingdom, the Blue Dwarves lost their influence in Middle-earth. This led the people of Durin to take control of their kingdom. For some time Fodgrumin (HOSTIS) was the king of the lost dwarf clans. The blue dwarfs were part of the Khazâdul Empire until they decided to separate permanently from their blood relatives.

After a period of absence of a sovereign, Ered Luin's dwarves once again had a king: King Heimdall, who brought them back to the Middle-earth scene, in fact brought the faction to the federation of free peoples and began with numerous structural reforms and expanded controlled territories to restore the glory of the declining kingdoms of Nogrod and Belegost.

Subsequently, at the request of the People's king of Durin, Heimdall detached himself from the federation to restore the former dwarven empire; The king ruled until his death, satisfied with the goals achieved.

The faction was long without a king, when Kholl took over the faction's throne, actively participating in the Dwarves' civil war that resulted in the fall of Uzbad Dain IV; after the fall of the Uzbad it was not long before Kholl's reign also perished, passing the throne to Narvi, who would later become Uzbad of the Khazâd Empire.

On August 7, Narvi died leaving his throne to his son Úri VII.

Faction Rulers:[]

  • King Dwalin // blackorigin
  • King Fodgrumin // Hostis
  • King Frenin // Hostis
  • King Telchar // Hostis (June 2018 - 24/07/2018)
  • King Frion // Dwarf___
  • King Heimdall // SargonDG (11/09/2018 - 4/01/2019)
  • King Kholl (4/01/2019 - 09/07/2019)
  • King Narvi // MainTeemoTank (09/07/2019 - 07/08/2019)
  • King Úri // MainTeemoTank (07/8/2019 - 04/09/2019)
  • King Bramm // Kilan2222 (17/02/2021 - Now)

Rules and Laws[]

General Rules [1][]

  1. All server rules;
  2. Any aggressive act against another Dwarf or Ally is prohibited, subject to court;
  3. It is prohibited to kill, stalk or harm any new player of any faction;
  4. It is forbidden to steal any player;
  5. If a player dies in unfair Raid, their items must be returned, subject to court; (this does not include artifacts)
  6. Breaking a NAP is prohibited, subject to punishment by both empire;
  7. It is forbidden to conquer new provinces without the permission of the King or Uzbad.

Citizen's law []

  • To be considered a citizen, the player must:
  1. Be part of a Dwarven Faction;
  2. Have more than 300 alignment;
  3. Be part of a Dynasty;
  4. Have a Role Play Name.
  • Citizen Benefits:
  1. Receive empire protection;
  2. Can participate in wars;
  3. Gets armament for Wars;
  4. Get subsistence allowance to recognize faction structures;
  5. Get material help to build recognized faction structures for your faction;
  6. You are entitled to a kit, including food, armor, tools; (limit of 1 kit per day)
  7. Vote in official polls.

Trade Rules and Resource Collection []

  1. Every Dwarf who wants to sell items must follow a table, every member who is caught trading off-table prices will be punished; (tables can be found in #kze chat in the discord server)
  2. Breaking trade treaties is prohibited;
  3. It is prohibited to cause major environmental damage for resource collections for any purpose; (EXAMPLE: If you need to collect Sarlluim, look for shafts in the underground rather than mining the found surface.)
  4. Any resources obtained through a Bug, or otherwise unlawful, must be reported to and returned to a member of the Server Staff;
  5. It is prohibited to make trade agreements without the permission of a King or Uzbad.

Judgment rules []

  • Any player from KZE who is caught or reported committing infringements will be subject to a judgment to determine his or her guilt and/or punishment.
  • Every player found to be reported is entitled to:
  1. Choose a judge to judge you; (if not done, this decision is Uzbad)
  2. Choose up to two people to help form a defense.
  • Every player who reports another has the duties and rights to:
  1. Provide evidence of the infringement;
  2. Choose up to two people as witnesses to help form an accusation.

Roles And Council Chairs[]

Council Chairs Of Blue Mountains[]

  • Bram: King, Uzbad



  • Lord of Nogrod: --- (King's Permission) (Be part of Blue Dwarves)
  • Lord of Belegost: --- (King's Permission) (Be part of Blue Dwarves)

Dynasty Leader:

  • FirebeardsÚri
  • Stonefoot: --- (Create Dynasty, have Uzbad Permission)
  • Ironfists : --- (Create Dynasty, have Uzbad Permission)
  • Blacklocks : --- (Create Dynasty, have Uzbad Permission)
  • Stiffbeards : --- (Create Dynasty, have Uzbad Permission)
  • Broadbeams: --- (Create Dynasty, have Uzbad permission)


Faction Builds:[work in progress][]

Nogrod: The capital city of the Blue Mountains.

Other recognized cities and forts:

  • Thorin's Halls
  • Luin Dum
  • Sargon Dum
  • Azaghal Dum
  • Belegost
  • Fili Dum
  • Harod Dum
  • Gathol Limus
  • Goran Tumun
  • Gathol Tumun
  • Eriadir Stone
  • Narvi's Halls