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The origins of the Beornings are not known, save that they dwelt in the Vales of Anduin between Mirkwood the Great and the Misty Mountains.

Unlike other Men, some amongst them had the innate ability to change into bears. They were named after Beorn, their patriarch, who had aided Bilbo and the Dwarven company as they headed to Erebor. They seemed to have the same life-span of mortal men, and could speak in both the tongue of men and of bears. They did not seem very fond of Dwarves, and were bitter enemies of the Goblins. The people of Rohan shared kinship with them as northmen. They hunted neither bird nor beast, their diet consisting mostly of cream and honey. The only known leaders of this people were Beorn, and later his son Grimbeorn, who became the chieftain of their tribe.

The Beornings were created on the server as a sub-faction of Dale and only gained independence on 16/06/2019 when Queen Dris Ethrandir assumed the throne under Dalish influence, giving freedom and beginning to the first advances of the faction until 'her' disappearance on 30/06/2019.

After this the Beornings scattered amongst themselves once again until the accession of Thorbeorn II as King of the Beornings on 13/05/2021, once again looking towards the Kingdom of Dale for political support by joining the Commonwealth of Greater Rhovanion.


  • Queen Dris Ethrandir (MainTeemoTank) 16/06/2019 - 30/06/2019
  • King Thorbeorn II Beorning (Yggdrasil030) 13/05/2021 - present
  • No successor yet

Relevant Buildings[]

  • ===Baerenburh===